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Poll: Zombies VS. Pirates

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Yeeeeaaaarrrrrr! Shiver me timbers!

When it comes to showdowns, nothing is more classic than the original Ninjas VS. Pirates. We’ve discussed ninjas and zombies in the past here on the zombiephiles, but until now, we hadn’t touched on the topic of pirates. But all of that is about to change.

Just who would win in an epic battle between zombies and pirates? Pirates are surely clever, shifty guys, but would their peglegs prevent them from fleeing the throngs of brain-craving zombies? On a boat, would they be able to escape, or would the fact that zombies can’t drown put them at a disadvantage? On the other hand, how would zombies fare against the cold steel of a pirate cutlass or the blast of a blunderbuss?

The answers to these questions are in your hands, zombiephiles. Who’d end up walking the plank – zombies, or pirates?

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