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Poll: Zombies VS Voodoo

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Live and Let Die the only Bond with a tenuous zombie link?

Good Morrow and joyous tidings fellow Zombiephiles. Josella Chrysalids-Harris-MacArthur hosting. Indeed! The very same author of ‘Zombies v Triffids’ the eleventh most voted-on Zombie Showdown. So who better than my humble self to make public the fourteenth poll in the series?

For verily, this profound question has wracked my waking ruminations since I partook in a recent honeymoon to Haiti. As one is doubtless aware, in times of yore, the word zombie pertained to the victim/slave of a witch doctor. Implementing their shamanic devilry, the village Voodoo Man would apparently revive the newly dead, before enslaving them as dumb – their tongues being oft cleaved – minions.

So did moving-pictures impresario G.A.Romero Esquire merely hijack the term zombie to denote an entirely different creature? Or are Undead Haitians the ancestors of postmodern zombies? Furthermore, does West Indian Witchcraft still hold an omnipotent sway over all forms zombie, regardless of evolutionary advances?
Understanding the foe is a weighty aspect of Z-Morrow preparations, therefore I urge cogitation of the most searching order.

Zombies VS Voodoo

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  1. Simple: voodoo zombies are not contagious.

  2. Josella Chrysalids-Harris-MacArthur


    Whilst I respectfully appreciate the succinct nature of the above epistle, one fears that the crux of the issue has not been addressed. Namely, is voodoo an affective ally against the contagious undead?

    Perhaps one should bear in mind that Haiti became the first independent Caribbean island after overthrowing Napolean’s France, and then repelling both the British Empire and the United States. I’ll wager zombies were employed in that conflict.

    Oh and beware when visiting Haiti, it’s one of the West Indian islands that DOESN’T have a ready supply of cricket bats.

    Mrs J. Chrysaldis-Harris-MacArthur. Idaho, The New World

  3. one comment wonder

    Witchdoctors create zombies – YES. can they control modern zombies – No ZOMBIES WIN
    Haiti was shithot – now its a SHITHOLE.ZOMBIES WIN
    bond vs zombies – ZOMBIES WIN -Zombies would NEVER EVER show james bond around their secret base they go straight for the kill

  4. Zam138

    Zombies, hands down. It only takes one inneffective shaman to be lax in his rituals for the control to falter. P.S… Please note that Romero himself has never called his undead ‘zombies.’

  5. Aus in Exile

    Well I voted zombies but it wouldnt be a walkover. A voodoo priest or priestest would be devastating against pre 60s zombies. And who knows might slow down a more evolved zombie.

    Why has noone mentioned Hammer Horror classic “Plague of Zombies” if wwe’re talking zombie evolution??? First green zombies that I know of. It was a few years before Night of the living Dead – alright that was black and white – but you know get my point. Also first “De-shoveling” if that’s the right term? Yes a zombie getting decapitated with a gravediggers spade, you can’t argue with that. These zombies are slow and still slaves, but they’re clearly evolving.Its easily downloadable WATCH IT!

  6. Aus in Exile

    Oh ps…not only would zombies NOT show a captured bond around the secret base instead of just killing him, bond would also try using his sexual powers on female zombie or a zombie priestess and thus become a Zombie Bond…

  7. Aidan

    Voodoo zombies can be controlled so voodoo and they may not be contagious but witch doctors can make more of them and stronger ones than normal zombies

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