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Poll: Zombies VS The CDC

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Stay in your homes, people, we have everything under control.

The internet is all abuzz this month about the publication by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) this month of a “Zombie Preparedness 101” blog post which purports to educate the unwashed masses about how best to prepare themselves for the inevitable zombie outbreak. We’ve discussed that blog post, and it’s obvious fallacies, elsewhere, but we thought it would only be fair if we gave you, the zombiephiles of the world, a chance to voice in.

Of all the people and organizations in the world most likely to actually face off against zombies, the CDC pretty much sits on top of the pack. They’re the first responders, the people who plan and coordinate concerted efforts to stave off virulent infections and pandemics, so it’s only logical that they’d be the ones most likely to be on the front lines when the zombies finally arrive.

So what say you, zombiephiles? Would the Center for Disease Control be able to analyze the vectors of infection and isolate the pathogens responsible for the zombie plague before they, themselves, succumb to the endless cravings for brains? Would zombies be able to tear through the CDC’s ultra-protective Level 4 Biohazard Suits to rend the flesh of the technicians within? Would the Center for Disease Control be able to develop a vaccine or a cure for zombieness, or would they themselves wind up zombified?

Zombies VS the CDC, people. You’re either with zombies, or you’re against them. It’s time to vote.

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