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Poll: Zombies VS The A-Team

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I pity the fool!

Following last month’s almost-too-close-to-call “Zombies VS Stormtroopers” poll, which saw zombies losing out to the armored shock troops of the Galactic Empire by a narrow 2% margin, we here at decided it was time to turn our attention toward more earthly pursuits.

The burning question on everyone’s mind this week? Zombies VS The A-Team. That’s right. Four Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn’t commit, helping out the common folk and, presumably, fighting zombies.

Would the rakish charm and devilishly good looks of The Face be effective against the cold, soulless hordes of the undead? Would the piloting skills of Howling Mad Murdock be strategically advantageous against throngs of ground-based zombies? Would the scent of Hannibal’s trademark cigars attract the hungry dead before he managed to pull a plan together? And most importantly, would B.A. Baracus pity the zombie fool, or would he, conversely, become the fool pitied?

Search your souls, Zombiephiles, and get ready to vote.

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