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Poll: Zombies VS Stormtroopers

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You rebel zombie scum!

Here at, we love asking ourselves ridiculously improbable questions, like “Do zombies poop?” and “What would happen if a vampire bit a zombie who’d been bitten by a werewolf?” and other burning questions along those lines.

This month we’re tackling one of those questions that stays with you for days after you first hear it, one of those questions that you find yourself flip-flopping on over and over and over again.

Zombies VS Stormtroopers…who would win? Would the Stormtroopers hardened battle armor protect them from the infectious bites of zombies? Would their blaster rifles be capable of remove the head or destroying the brains of the zombie horde? And whose side would Chewbacca weigh in on?

Zombiephiles of the world, it’s time to vote.

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