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Poll: Zombies VS Ewoks

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Well, short help is better than no help at all.

Ewoks, scourge of the Galactic Empire — able to thwart the greatest evil the galaxy has ever known with nothing more than sharpened sticks, rope, logs and a few heavy rocks. How would this formidable band of furry assassins fair against wave upon wave of the undead? Would their spears, cunning and natural camouflage  be enough to protect their delicious, albeit minuscule, brains from consumption? Indeed, do Ewok brains taste as good as that of a human and would your average shit-kicking zombie even bother with Ewok gray matter when there are so many delectable stormtroopers at large?

Just try and sleep tonight, fellow zombiephiles, knowing these questions are going unanswered.

Zombies VS Ewoks

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  1. I have to go with Ewoks. Since they are not human, and I am part of the “zombies only go after humans, not animals, etc” group, I don’t think zombies would be interested in them.

  2. kemposaurus

    Zombies always win. Ewok, man…doesn’t matter they eat anything and ewoks would have a slight disadvantage…how do they get them in the head? They’re to short so zombies, its a easy win.

  3. I am so stoked that Ewoks are currently winning this one. I know, I’m the Zombiephile, I’m supposed to root for the zombies, but the idea of a bunch of Ewoks laying about a bunch of zombies with spears and rocks is just too funny.

  4. It recently occurs to me that zombie ewoks would be feckin’ terrifying.

  5. You know it, Zombiephile. Zombie Ewoks, just imagine how that cuteness could decimate the populous. The LOLcat loving generation wouldn’t stand a chance.

    OOOOhhh it’s so cute………..aahh my freakin’ jugular……ahaahhh.


    Yub, yub.

  6. Josella

    I’m really not convinced that the Ewoks can claim to have brought down the Galactic Empire. If 3PO and the rest weren’t telling the little furry types what to do, I don’t think they’d have offered any resistence. Now Chewy was sort of a big ewok, he’d be handy against the undead.

  7. LondonBoy

    Until Jah Jah Binks reeared his ugly head, the Ewoks the worst thing Lucas had ever created. Now Zombies v Storm Troopers or Zombies v Jedi, that’s a poll

  8. something

    chewy is a wookie tho if it was a question of wookie vs. zombie id go with the wookies and thier crossbows and treeforts

  9. guercinator

    Ewoks are famous for slingshoting rocks so they can easily kill a zombie. Then again, it depends what the zombie to ewok ratio is…

  10. capt.cannibal

    even better that ewoks…zombie ewoks!!!!and imagine the damage they can do, if they can take the the 501st with rocks and logs!

  11. zombie pwns all

    how can an ewok win they might be small but don’t forget zombies can infect anyone and i mean anyone if the zombies were in star wars every jedis and sith will be infected zombies win no contest

  12. Terminator Of Zombies

    Zombies are stronger sure but they aren’t so fast becuse that the human is the best :D

  13. The Xombie

    Ewoks can climb like Alderainian Squirrels, Zombies sadly cannot!

  14. two comment wonder

    right ive had a look at the other fucking showdowns and apart from the shoe thrower the FUCKING ewoks are the shittiest opposition theh zombies have had. FUCK EWOKS.

  15. Well ewoks could make traps for the zombies and they live in trees so they could just let the zombies rot on the ground. And since ewoks beat storm troopers and stormtroopers beat zombies therefore ewoks would wreck the zombies. And the zombie virus only effects human not ewoks, so even if ewoks were bit they would not turn. And zombies go after humans ewoks would kill the zombies without the zombies attacking them

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