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Zombies Invaded My Town!!



I was feeling sorry for myself this week because I couldn’t go to ZomBcon in Seattle this weekend to meet up with all the zombiephiles I worked with this year. I have my fingers crossed that they will hold it in Chicago in 2012 — provided that it’s held before the end of the world, of course. During my pity party, I picked up my local newspaper, and saw that my little city was having its own zombiewalk! I still have no idea how this flew under my radar…

I usually refer to Grand Rapids, MI a lot because most people haven’t heard of Rockford, but I’m hoping this zombie event will change that…at the very least, Rockford definitely set itself apart from the other smaller towns and cities around west Michigan.

Dan DeWard, of Studio D2D, is a member of Rockford Event Planning, as well as Kamala McCune of The Edge; those two, as well as some other business owners around Rockford decided that we needed more events for the kids, specifically the teens. What better way to bring folks together than an event with zombies?! You know I was all over that…called up The Squire, found out some more details, and showed up at the event to document the first zombiewalk in my city. I was pleasantly surprised by the turn-out, considering there wasn’t much advertising. I also noticed that we had undead in all ages — entire families in some cases.

I chased down Kamala and Dan (Dan was a zombie on freakin’ roller blades, so that took some effort), to find out if they were zombiephiles or not. I caught Dan after he finished doing the sound for a Thriller spoof by some of our local dancers, and he told me he simply thought zombies were something everyone could get into (no pun intended). When I chatted with Kamala, I found out that she was inspired by her nephew, James White, a member of The Zombies of Zomb. Kamala also donated her place to do zombie make-up for participants with the help of Nancy Oostdyk.

While Rockford’s zombiewalk wouldn’t be mistaken for the set of The Walking Dead, it just shows that you don’t have to be in a big city like Seattle to have a good time with the undead.


Most Realisitic Zombie


 Go here for more photos from the event.

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