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The Zombiephiles Want YOU! And Your Brains.

Fellow zombiephiles, today is a monumental day, a day whose dawn was heralded by the prophets of yore, a day that shall live in infamy for as long as humanity continues to hold out against the endless throngs of undead.

Today, is going crowd-sourced, and we want YOU! Also, we want your brains, but mostly we want YOU!

Yes, YOU! Zombie Uncle Sam demands it!

Yes, YOU! Zombie Uncle Sam demands it!

Starting today, is a user-contributed blog! That means anyone can register for an account and write an article, list, quiz, or just about whatever! Have an opinion about zombies and zombie survival that you want to share? DO IT! Think our list of the Five Must-Have Zombie Survival Items You’ll Probably NEVER Think Of is silly and you can do better? DO IT! Seen a good zombie movie lately that you’re just itching to write a review of? DO IT DO IT!! is officially the place for you. After all, the site is called “Zombiephiles” – with an “s” on the end – and it just doesn’t seem right to have most of the content written by a single Zombiephile! So we’re opening up the site to YOU, the zombie fans of the world. Do with it what you will – for better or for worse (hopefully for better, yeah?).

The nitty-gritty details:

Starting today, all registered users for will be granted “contributor” status on our WordPress installation, meaning that you can create and edit your own posts. They’ll still require an administrator (this Zombiephile) to actually publish them (and probably do some spell-checking here and there), but you’ll be able to write articles right from the site.

Not sure you have the chops? Man up! (or Woman up! We don’t discriminate.) If you’re not savvy with images, HTML or formatting – don’t worry about it! We keep a half-zombified HTML guy in the basement to worry about that sort of thing. All we need from you is your ideas and opinions about all things zombie!

So don’t delay, zombiephiles – seize the day and grab your share of fortune and glory! (Well, glory, at least.)

A few more even nittier and grittier details:

If you didn’t already notice the Register / Login links at the top-right of the site, take note of them now – it’s your starting point toward full-fledged Zombiephilic status. You can create a new post by pointing your browser toward once you’ve registered and logged in. For anti-spam purposes, our admin will be approving all user-contributed posts before their publication, so if yours doesn’t show up right away, don’t panic. If you’ve got any questions, just ask our resident zombiephile!

Oh, and since this is all kinda new, bear with us if things aren’t quite as spiffy as you might expect! Our resident Zombiephile is still working out some bugs!

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