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Zombiephiles Hacked – By Zombies

Perhaps recent visitors to the Zombiephiles have noticed something different. Instead of our infectious zombie humor, news and entertainment, visitors were instead greeted by an outbreak of the more everyday variety – a javascript downloader virus in the header.php file of our WordPress installation.

Now, this Zombiephile will tell you that when it comes to Blogging, his specialty is zombie defense, not hacker defense, but as soon as he learned of the infection he sprung into action, quickly eliminating the script reference in the site’s installation files and changing login information – but not before some loyal zombiephytes were exposed to the infection.

Long and the short of it? got hacked, and although we can easily undo the damage, we’re not entirely sure how hackers gained access in the first place. Updating the site’s WordPress installation seemed like a good idea, as did changing our administrator login and boarding up the living room windows. Some of our more paranoid zombiephytes are concerned that this may be an informational attack by the government in the days leading up to a potential zombie outbreak – and this zombiephile isn’t discounting the possibility.

For the short term, however, we’re declaring the to be a Green Zone – no zombies here.

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