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Zombie forums open! Zombie fans unite!

If you’ve been clamoring for a chance to share your moans with the rest of the Zombiephiles, you’ve finally got your chance.

Our technically savvy and incredibly attractive admin has, from the relative safety of his Zombie-proof bunker, managed to launch The ZombiePhiles’ Zombie Forum, a place for lovers of the zombie to share their thoughts on zombie readiness, zombies in the media, and just about anything zombie-related you can think about, and probably some stuff that isn’t.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens after zombies eat, or if you’ve ever wanted to know why zombies don’t eat other zombies, the forums are the place for you. Join the growing masses. Unite along a common thread against the ever-present threat of extinction at the hands of the zombie horde!


  1. Ever wondered why zombies don’t eat each other?

    Here’s my idea:

    They have an accute sense of smell, and I know rotting bodies stink, would you rather old food, or something fresh?

  2. Marty Party

    zombies don’t kill cuz they’re hungry, it’s because that’s what their ‘brain’ tells them to do that. According to the ZSG, they DO have a better sense of smell, but only because they rely on it more to find their ‘prey’. Zombies neither organize nor form groups as they wander and they don’t eat other zombies because they don’t even recognize them as…anything. If someone shot themself, a zombie would probably move on in search of another victim….woo…

  3. Zombies do organize, if you hadn’t noticed, they travel in packs, you almost never see one lone zombie moving about. As for their not recognizing one another, that is entirely not true, otherwise they would be tripping over each other. All of their senses are now heightened due to their brains reverting to an almost reptile like state which is nothing more than seek food. I also believe that yes, they do go out and kill, I have seen that they tend not to be scavengers, I think that may be their knowing that eventually that dying sap will soon be part of their ranks.

  4. Marty Party

    they only travel in packs because multiple zombies heard a noise or a moan (or the like) and those zombies moan (ad semi-infinitum) and followed the noise, enough zombies hear it and they accidentaly ‘organize’ . As for “their brains reverting to an almost reptile like state” their state of mind is much, much* more simple. They cannot* follow simple logic, they absolutly cannot* learn and they certainly do not “do go out and kill”, as a nomadic ‘being they wander semi-aimlessly (tending to going the direction of the last sound[or moan] it heard).

    ps * means italic

    pps I’ve enjoyed our debate, you should really add me as a friend on myspace, Rory, I’ve already sent a request.

    ppps The ZSG is the ultimate source of zombie refrence and guide, it is universally (at least to zombie fans) recomended as the promonant source of zombie knowledge.

  5. I cannot argue with that logic at all, I have dealt with robotic drones, that have the same basic thought process, hone in on a sound and persue. Their guidance systems are so archaic, they simply view eachother as an obsticle rather than a drone. However, I do have a therory about the adaptive learning of the zombie, picture this if you will, right now their minds are set to just forage, but eventually, the advanced brain of the human body may start to heal itself due to its activity. It is obvious that it is functioning, otherwise the body would not be able to move, nor would it be instintfully be feeding. Though they would never re-evolve into a civilized race, but, over time they may be able to take advantage over simple machines like a doorknob, or a pointed stick. That evoloution process may take decades, but in my minds eye it is definately a possibility. See Day of the Dead, and you could see. The zombie in that episode did show very minor hints of intellegence, which tells me that there maybe more out there that could adapt. Take note, you will never see a re-animated Nextel Cup Champion, or Engineer, however, I could see the use of simple things in the future. As for the comment made by that fellow in myspace stating that he does agree that they may become semi-intellegent, I must say, keeping your dead friends and family locked up in your garage until they re-evolve back into their former selves is a stupid idea. See the top ten list of what not to do during an outbreak. Sheesh.

  6. randy

    in a few movies, ive seen that some zombies move fast, and others just…limp….whats up with that? the ones that limp look healthy enough to run, so why do they limp? and yet ive seen some that have this huge gash on thier leg, and thier running like they have nothing at all. whats up with that?

  7. randy

    also, its not zombieology. that makes no sense. ology means “study of”. necro means “dead” and bio means “life”. so if there isnt already a real word for “zombieology”, lets call it “necrobiology” or “bionecrology” you choose.

  8. Jake

    Zombie’s are NOT intelligent they are a virus that reanimates the brain. It’s more of a host if you will. The virus takes over a living or recently dead person and uses their body as a host for basic needs to eat and reproduce. (but I’m not sure if they reproduce by eating something a little and leaving it to get reanimated or if thats just how it works) But I do know that they eat for that need.

    When the virus takes over the brain is still basically alive and the body is still healthy. Witch is why they move fast in “dawn of the dead”, and as time went on the brain will start to die aside the parts that the virus needs so the zombie will become more limp over time.

    With them getting organized Marty Party is correct.

    As with the weapons BATTLE ready katana are the best weapon cause there very reliable and hold a edge. The best places to hide would be a sporting goods store perferably a 2 story and one with some einterainment what are u going to do while the zombies arn’t attacking? Earplugs wouldn’t be a bad idea but they arn’t a good idea cause you can’t hear them coming sleeping with a friend taking shifts would be the best use for them.

    Basic need to know Food: Canned food all you can get a hold on! Sharp intruments swords cause there light and fast a handgun (not a bad idea if you know how to aim) Get high as possible atic or second floor and destroy the stairs make a second way to get up. (one where you have to climb make it a little difficult but not to hard)

  9. zombielovergf

    I’m looking to get a zombie magazine subscription for my bf for Christmas. He’s a HUGE fan! I just want to show him that I accept him lol… Problem is that I don’t know of any zombie magazines. HELP!

  10. Here’s some Maaad as Hell zombies from the atlanta parade!

  11. Ok follow my logic. If becoming a zombie is caused from a virus which then reanimates a human’s brain to feed on a normal human’s
    brain, what will happen if all the zombies “win” and kill off all of the noninfected people? It seems to me that the virus that causes reamimation of the brain is an evolutionary dead-end. In every way the zombie virus loses. They either get killed from normal humans by getting their head severed from their body or the zombies kill all of the normal humans and they starve. As a side note…I really don’t understand how even a regular zombie doesn’t just starve anyway. The alimentary system is dead or injured beyond repair by trauma, previous disease, or just plain rotting away. How does the virus which resides in the brain get the nutrients it needs to continue to thrive? The energy requirements for just a functioning brain is factor in heightened sensory, AND a moving body with strenth to take down a terrified human. You would need thousands of calories a day!

  12. Hello:
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  13. Hey All! I saw this exclusive behind the scenes of ‘Survival of the Dead’ with horror maestro George A. Romero. Thought I would share with you all!!!

  14. NEW HD trailer for the pilot of Year Zero, an animated zombie apocalypse series!!!

  15. Check out the brand new trailer to Year Zero, a pilot for an animated zombie apocalypse series!

    This is an amateur-made film designed to attract a budget for a fully-animated zombie apocalypse series set in New York City, created by Richard Cunningham.

    A loner finds himself trapped in his NYC apartment with two zombies after a parasite wreaks havoc on the five boroughs.

    Patrick Rigby
    Tim Brennan

    Richard Cunningham

  16. AkutenshiREG

    i think that zombies are able to tell us apart from other zombies because while zombies don’t care about how they smell we do, we try to keep clean and not smell like rotting bags of flesh which makes us more attractive to the zombie population, maybe if we can act, smell, and think like them then we may have a very small chance of geting through a horde without being bitten, let alone using well collected ammo.

  17. Part of a short examination of what a zombie is.

    Also take a few seconds and check out the free complete first chapter of Valley of Death.

  18. there is a new Zombie Movie that will be released soon.
    here is a taste of its teaser :

  19. Get your zombie fix with Eaters: The Beginning, a novella available on Amazon for Kindle:

  20. lol you need to check out this zombie film just out on youtube, its a tester for a short series apparently!! so funny and brutal

  21. New interactive Zombie Movie: Can you survive?
    After a year of work I have finished “Zombie Fear” that I’d like to share with my fellow zombie fans: While visiting a cemetery you find an accidental outbreak from a secret bio-weapons laboratory has triggered a zombie invasion of a small city. Shot from the point of view of the main character, you are taken on a wild and scary adventure, narrowly escaping the bloody hordes of walking dead, in search of a serum that can stop the madness from spreading. Go ahead. Try to get though this movie without being eaten!

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