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“World War Z” Screenplay Script LEAKED!!!

world_war_z_book_coverA tentative screenplay for the upcoming movie version of Max Brooks’ World War Z by J. Michael Straczinski has been leaked onto the internet, according to multiple internet sources.

A quick Google search confirms that the leaked “WWZ” script is has been reviewed at several websites, although (like the Zombiephiles), most of the big-name zombie sites aren’t posting it.

The World War Z movie, not due for release until 2008, has been the subject of much widespread internet buzz, thanks to the book’s immense popularity. Thanks to the leaked screenplay, though, things are likely to heat up even further.

As of yet this Zombiephile hasn’t seen any comment from writer J. Michael Straczinski – but we’ll let you know when we do.

Expect to see a World War Z Movie Script Review in time for Christmas. Zombiephiles of the world, Unite!


  1. I had better hurry up and read the book. Wouldn’t want to go see the movie with having read it already. I loved the Zombie Survival Guide.

  2. You know, Complete Geek, there’s also an Audiobook recording of “World War Z” that featured all sorts of excellent voice actors like Alan Alda, Henry Rollins, etc – definitely a great alternative to reading “World War Z” if you don’t have the time to tear into a big hardcover book!

  3. Cool. Thanks for the tip. I recently made a zombie stencil for my site. You might like it. Check it out and let me know what you think. Cheers!

  4. I’ve been reading World War Z and eagerly awaiting the release of Romero’s film in February and a World War Z movie, if they ever get around to it.
    I also think that either Brooks or this Straczinski guy should help with some zombie books I’ve written. :) I know…I know…I can dream can’t I?

  5. max werner

    what did everyone think of the first Max Brooks “Zombie Survival Guide”? Just from the guy who drew the pictures.
    ~Max Werner

  6. Benjo

    Hi, does anyone have a copy of the script? just finished reading the book… wanna see how it was written for screen.. thanks! (film student and aspiring screenwriter director here!) :)

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