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Why You SHOULDN’T Watch the Leaked “Walking Dead” Pilot

So, zombiephiles, here’s how it is:

Some ass-clown journalist with a screener has leaked the premiere episode of AMC’s upcoming “The Walking Dead” TV Series onto the internet, and this is actually a really, really bad thing. Let me explain why that is.

The quality sucks zombie-dong.

According to every source I can find on the topic, the quality of the leaked screener is absolute crap. The encoding seems to be for some kind of portable device – a PSP or something along those lines – and watching it on your TV screen is going to make it look very, very bad. Why mess with a show that went to such great effort to create realistic, awesome-looking zombies? Do yourself a favor and wait for The Walking Dead pilot to air in HD, not some leaked pilot transcode.

You’re going to spoil the Halloween fun.

There’s a reason that “The Walking Dead” pilot is supposed to be airing on Halloween. If you can’t figure out what it is, you’re not a zombiephile. Don’t spoil the Halloween awesomeness by watching it before it’s actually supposed to come out – enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

You’re going to kill the show. Seriously.

Zombiephiles, this is the real reason why you shouldn’t watch the leaked Walking Dead pilot. It’s like this. Do you want to see more than six episodes of The Walking Dead? Because if you do, one thing needs to happen: the show needs to get really good ratings. It’s not a cheap show to produce, which means that AMC needs to feel like it’s getting a return on its investment.

Now, AMC doesn’t have any way of tracking how many people watch the leaked Walking Dead pilot, and even if they did, it doesn’t matter because they’re not making any money when people watch the leaked pilot. So at the end of the year, when they’re calculating how much money they made on the show and deciding whether or not they should renew The Walking Dead for another season, every person who downloaded the leaked pilot and subsequently didn’t watch it during the Halloween premiere is hurting the show’s chances of coming back for a second season.

Don’t be a douche – boycott the leaked Walking Dead pilot and do the right thing. Zombiephiles of the world will thank you when The Walking Dead gets renewed.


  1. I agree with you, what a doucheb*g. They put A LOT of work into that and embarked on a new series that noone else has, & to steal their thunder before it is even released is totally wrong. Anybody who would watch it isn’t a true die-hard zombie fan because let me tell you…the release was DEF worth the wait!

  2. I waited for it even though people were trying to push the leaked onto me. I watched the leak for kicks sometime after and it could not compare with the true version.

  3. I don’t really have a choice but to watch the leaked shows through torrents. The Philippines doesn’t get The Walking Dead on TV. :(

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