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The Zombiephiles’ Awesome Zombie Store is Officially OPEN!

Zombiephiles of the world, you might want to sit down for this one. You sitting down? Good. Because the Zombiephiles’ Totally Awesome Zombie Store is officially open for business. Looking for the very best zombie movies, comics, books, tee-shirts – pretty much anything zombie related? You’ve come to the right place – our Zombie Store has the finest zombie swag and zombie gear available, at prices that you can’t shake a stick at (or club in the head with a cricket bat).

Can’t figure out what to get the Zombiephile in your life for Christmas (or Hanukkah)? Look no further – grab them the first few issues of Robert Kirkland’s breakthrough “The Walking Dead” comic, or get them the Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide. With literally hundreds of zombie-related items to offer, there’s something for everyone at the Zombiephile’s Zombie Store.

We’ll be dramatically increasing the inventory over the next few months, but there’s already a fantastic selection of Zombie stuff to keep you happy for the holiday season. Powered by, our Zombie store is safe, secure, and fast – so that set of golf clubs you ordered should arrive at your house before the zombies you intend to use them on will.

Don’t hesitate, zombiephiles – check out our zombie store and get yourself some awesome zombie swag this holiday season!

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