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The Return Man – An Online Zombie Novel

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, what do you do when your loved ones are out there somewhere, shambling around, craving human flesh? You call the Return Man.

Vincent Zito is the mastermind behind the web’s latest zombie offering, The Return Man, an online zombie novel about a professional “corpse tracker,” who hires out his zombie-hunting services to grieving survivors, tracking down zombiefied husbands, wives, children – anyone who can afford his services. The Return Man, Henry Marco, will put a bullet in the brain of whatever zombie you’re looking to put down, bringing them the eternal peace that the zombie plague has denied them.

But Marco’s latest contract, forced on him by the surviving government, may be his last – a suicide mission straight into the heart of forty million flesh-craving zombies. Worse still, he’s not alone – there’s a deadly Chinese assassin hunting the same corpse.

The Return Man is a pretty sleek operation, with a great interface and some pretty excellent storytelling. For folks who are into progressive, forward-thinking zombie stuff, The Return Man is definitely a solid entry to the world of the undead.

The Return Man is published one piece at a time, leaving readers breathless and eager for the next installment. With four chapters out already, there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into, so head over to and get started. You can even enter your email address to get the latest chapter sent straight to your inbox – now that’s entertainment!

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