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Zombie 101 – University of Baltimore Teaching Zombies?!!

Well, it seems that the University of Baltimore, at least, takes zombies as seriously as we Zombiephiles do. They’re launching a new course in zombie studies which every Zombiephile would be clamoring to sign up for. For any of you zombie fans out there who haven’t chosen a university yet, this should put the University of Baltimore on your map!

"It is a class to die for - Zombie studies is now on the curriculum at the University of Baltimore. The new course, which promises to "get you ready for a zombie apocalypse", invites students to devour classic zombie films and comics. Instead of essays, they write horror scripts or draw storyboards for their ideal monster movie. The minor class, titled English 333, has already been dubbed "Zombie 101" by the Baltimore Sun newspaper."


Zombies moan. Zombiephiles moan back.

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