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Civil War Zombies: Exit Humanity

Most of us are used to zombie movies where the survivors have some decent firepower…but imagine trying to fight off an undead horde with a musket, and you’ll have the gist of Exit Humanity. Taking place in 1870’s Tennessee, and centered on a Confederate soldier named Edward Young, the movie begins with a brief scene with Edward facing off with an undead Yankee. Moving forward six years, Edward has lost his wife to the outbreak of “dead-alives,” and his son is missing. In his search for his son, Edward reluctantly agrees to help another man, Isaac, rescue his sister from the nutjob known as General Williams. The General is gathering people to intentionally infect, so his snake-oil doctor can test his “cures.” Further into the movie, Edward and Isaac cross paths with a woman who has a supernatural explanation for the undead.

There’s more emphasis on the despair from the post-Civil War era than the actual fighting against the zombies, and there isn’t as much gore as some horror fans might prefer…basically it’s a historical fiction movie with zombies…but it’s a zombie movie that isn’t about the usual humans vs. undead battle, and I think viewers are going to pleased with the effort put into the script. The cast includes Bill Moseley from Devil’s Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses, as well as some other actors that you might recognize.

While Exit Humanity recently had its US premiere at Screamfast LA (it was also shown at the 2011 Toronto After Dark), I have no clue when it will be available on DVD, but it’s definitely something that zombiephiles should keep their eyes open for. You can keep track of the movie’s updates at the Facebook site.

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