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Classical Literature, Zombies & Steve Hockensmith

In Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After (Quirk Classics), four years have passed since Elizabeth married Darcy, and she is no longer allowed to carry weapons. During a walk back home, Darcy is bitten by an unmentionable. Elizabeth must swallow her pride, and cast aside her honor if she is to receive help from Lady Catherine, who has […]

Interview: Johnny Gel from Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption (2011), directed by Ryan Thompson, takes place years after the initial outbreak in Zombie Apocalypse with FREE comic book (Special Edition), with an entirely different set of characters. Governments of the world attempted to use nuclear weapons to fight the millions of undead, which had no effect, and screwed over the remaining survivors even more. Not surprisingly, […]

Zombies Overwhelm Star Trek Convention!!

I almost didn’t select Night of the Living Trekkies for review; the cover art looks like the cheesy garbage you would find on most young adult fiction books, and the title made me think, “One more person trying to cash in on the zombie genre with some ridiculous twist.” BUT, I’ve enjoyed other Quirk novels, and I can’t get enough […]

The Official Zombie Handbook for the UK

The Official Zombie Handbook for the UK, the long-anticipated survival manual is now available at both and, and it’s a great addition to any zombiephile’s collection, regardless of where you live. First, the author, Sean Page, addresses the controversy over the various types zombies within the horror genre, and defines a zombie as “a dead body that has […]

Historical Zombie Fiction: “Valley of the Dead

Unlike the spliced-together novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Valley of the Dead is an original story inspired by Dante’s Inferno (the first volume of The Divine Comedy). Kim Paffenroth, a professor of Religious Studies, best known for his zombie series Dying to Live (third installment coming out in October 2010) and Orpheus and the Pearl, explains in his prologue […]

Zombie Preparation for the UK

Show me a zombie fan, and I’ll show you someone who has read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Anyone who has read the ZSG can tell you how detailed and thorough it is – Max obviously did some serious research before he wrote it. Or did he? Sure, the book has a zombie timeline in the back, which […] Is Getting a Facelift

Rejoice, fellow zombiephiles! After a long, lingering, festering absence, our Zombiephilic site admin has returned and is in the process of re-designing and upgrading The Zombiephiles. Here’s a rundown of a few of the upcoming changes you may or may not notice: Gravatar Support. The Zombiephiles now supports Gravatars, avatar icons that follow you from site to site. When you […]

Weekly Zombie Poll #1 – Zombies VS Ninjas

Ah, that classic clash of the titans, Zombies Vs. Ninjas. Ninjas are lightning fast, deadly, and of course, totally sweet. According to Robert Hamburger’s Real Ultimate Power website, ninjas: are mammals. fight ALL the time. flip out and kill people. Now, in contrast, zombies: are dead already. never really sleep. also flip out and kill people. So where do you […]

WTF Happened to the Zombiephile?!!

You may be wondering, WTF happened to the Zombiephile? For months now, you might have been saying things to yourself like, “Wow, that Zombiephile used to be such a dedicated zombie blogger,” and “Boy, that Zombiephile used to write really funny zombie outbreak articles,” and “Gee whiz, that Zombiephile is really sexy and has a huge penis.” Whichever it was, […]

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