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Dead Snow Brings Fun Comedy To The Zombie Nation

In the world of zombie movies, you probably think of classics like Evil Dead or Night Of The Living Dead. But with newer and funnier zombie movies showing themselves, such as Zombieland and Shaun of The Dead, it makes you wonder how much funnier the all-too-popular zombie genre can get. Well prepare yourselves, zombiephiles, because I have found just that movie – Dead Snow.

Dead Snow is a zombie movie about a couple of med-students dying for a good time. These three girls and four guys are in for a hell of a surprise: Nazi Zombies!

I Love Sarah Jane – Zombie Short Film

Thanks to the miracle that is Twitter, this Zombiephile was recently sent a link for “I Love Sarah Jane,” a zombie short film that’s up on Youtube. About fifteen minutes long, it turned out to be pretty good. Particularly impressive are the sequences showing the streets; it looks realistic, everything in its proper place. Among the various zombie short films […]

Nine Great Zombie Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, Zombiephiles – but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you to get that perfect zombie Christmas gift for the special zombiephile in your life. Luckily for you our yule-crazed Zombiephile has created a massive list of zombie Christmas gift items that are all the rage this holiday season. Order now and you might actually have a chance of seeing them by Christmas!

Zombie Test – Which Zombie Survival Hero Are You?

Everybody loves a good zombie survival hero. Ever wondered which one you’d turn out to be? Wonder no more – our Which Zombie Survival Hero Are You quiz should set you straight.

Survival of the Dead Movie Trailer

Survival of the Dead is Romero’s latest zombie horror movie, about residents off the coast of the USA who battle zombies while holding out hope for a cure for their relatives.

[REC]2 Movie Trailer

[REC] was one of the best zombie movies that this zombiephile has ever seen, and [REC]2 is shaping up to be an excellent zombie movie as well.

Zombieland Movie Trailer

Zombieland is one of the year’s most anticipated zombie movies, and from the looks of the Zombieland movie trailer, it’s going to be awesome. Woody Harrelson killing zombies? Yes please!.

Strippers VS Zombies – The Zombiephile Reviews “Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!”

Wow. Just, wow. How did the world exist, thrive even, before Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! was created? And what will the world do now that we’ve experienced it? Life will truly never be the same. Zombies! Zombies! Zombies is that classic story of boy meets stripper, boy becomes zombie, stripper kills zombie. An excellent setup for a zombie comedy (zom-com, to […]

The Zombiephile Reviews Black Sheep

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Written and directed by Jonathon King, New Zealand’s Black Sheep is probably the world’s first zombie-sheep movie, and most than likely, the last. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold a special place in this Zombiephile’s heart. A cautionary tale about the dangers of mixing genetic engineering and zombies, Black Sheep […]

World War Z Movie Update

Well, Zombiephiles, there’s good news and bad news about the upcoming World War Z movie. The bad news: the release date has been pushed back to 2010. The good news? Another two years means that Brad Pitt’s Plan B Productions will have plenty of time to get the movie right. Although copies of the script are supposedly circulating around the […]

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