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Civil War Zombies: Exit Humanity

Most of us are used to zombie movies where the survivors have some decent firepower…but imagine trying to fight off an undead horde with a musket, and you’ll have the gist of Exit Humanity. Taking place in 1870’s Tennessee, and centered on a Confederate soldier named Edward Young, the movie begins with a brief scene with Edward facing off with […]

Zombie Apocalypse: Chronicles – Raider Recon

This short video is prequel to the recently released Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption, featuring characters from the actual movie. A trio of Raiders (ex-military survivors with a serious attitude) has been dispatched to search for an item at a Raider safe house. The recon party is led by The Executioner, aka Belfour (Ghelan Ismail), who has Lt. Barrett (Wayne Ten II) […]

Matt O’Day & Zombies: From Paper to Screen

In the past I’ve interviewed book authors, illustrators, and actors…now I’m adding a script writer to my list. Since Zombie Apocalypse Redemption was released on DVD this month, I thought it would be interesting to sit down & chat with the writer, Matt O’Day, who is behind this thrilling indie film. You and the director Ryan Thompson worked so closely […]

Syfy’s “Zombie Apocalypse” Movie Trailer

Perennial zombie favorite Ving Rhames returns to the biggish-screen as the leader of a ragtag band of survivors in this month’s upcoming zombie movie “Zombie Apocalypse,” a SyFy original zombie movie premiering October 29 at 9 PM (on SyFy, of course). Check out the Zombie Apocalypse trailer and mark the date!

Interview: Johnny Gel from Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption (2011), directed by Ryan Thompson, takes place years after the initial outbreak in Zombie Apocalypse with FREE comic book (Special Edition), with an entirely different set of characters. Governments of the world attempted to use nuclear weapons to fight the millions of undead, which had no effect, and screwed over the remaining survivors even more. Not surprisingly, […]

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption Trailer!

This movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies outnumber the surviving humans 10,000 to one, but the different groups of survivors continue to wage war on one another. Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption stars Hollywood B-movie legend Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, who previously appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn and 1990: The Bronx Warriors. The little long-haired boy named Josh […]

RAMMBOCK – German Zombie Movie Trailer

We got a link to this trailer in our zombified inbox a while back, and after checking it out, we thought the rest of you zombiephiles would love to see it too. You don’t get a lot of German zombie movies, and so when we see a trailer that shows as much promise as that of RAMMBOCK, well, we post […]

Romero Challenges Backyard FX: Zombie Bite Effect

This is a pretty cool zombie video that got sent over our way recently. Apparently zombie-maestro George Romero recently challenged Indy Mogul’s “Backyard FX” and their host, Erik Beck, to recreate a bite effect from his new movie – on the ultra-cheap. Romero’s challenge: reproduce the bite effect for below $50. The result? Beck was able to recreate the effect […]

Lost Zombies – A User-Driven Zombie Documentary

We got a heads-up from our friends over at Lost Zombies, who have famously created the world’s largest zombie-oriented social network, that they’re forging into an entirely new and exciting new realm of zombie-fandom – they’re creating the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary. The concept is simple and straightforward, and pretty freakin’ awesome. Basically, Lost Zombies users around the world […]

Devil’s Crossing Trailer Finally Released!

Ever since the movie’s producers first wrote about Devil’s Crossing a few months back, we’ve been waiting MONTHS to see a trailer for the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie western. Well, Zombiephiles, that wait is over – the new Devil’s Crossing trailer is finally out! Our sources within the movie’s production team say that the post-production should be done soon and they’ve […]

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