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Yeah…Another Zombie Guide…But This One Is Damn Funny [Review]

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation: How to Survive in an Undead World and Have Fun Doing It! by David Houchins and Scot Thomas begins with a foreword that provides some insight on how their influences – everything from Romero to Monty Python – helped spawn their undead creation. I’ve read so many survival guides that my first reaction is to go Scarface […]

Avery Nolan vs. Zombies in 1959

Avery Nolan: Private Dick of the Dead by Tony Faville, edited by Felicia A. Sullivan, and with cover art by Robert Elrod, was not what I expected at all; the title led me to believe that this would be a humorous undead tale about a detective, Dick Tracy-style, but, instead, this was a serious and elaborate crime/mystery/thriller with zombies. Granted, […]

Forget The Postman, The Last Mailman Is The Real Badass!

The Last Mailman: Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Zombies by Kevin J. Burke is not at all what I was expecting from the title. It is not about a man delivering mail between survivor outposts or anything like that. It’s about survivors trying to tie up loose ends, so they can move on with their new lives; sometimes they find […]

It’s Time For A Very Zombie Christmas!

I figured since it was that time of year when, according to Benny Alano, “zombie elves battle vampire snowmen,” I would look for some other holiday zombie tales. I was specifically looking for something new, and I found A Very Zombie Christmas: A Horror Story. Finding a short story like this was perfect, since I have been so busy with […]

Apocalyptic Asshole in The Undead Situation

I just finished reading The Undead Situation by Eloise J Knapp, and I’m starting to think that the latest trend in zombie novels is to make the protagonist a real asshole. I don’t mean someone unlikeable, I mean someone who keeps you hooked into the story because you want to watch them die a slow and agonizing death. Pretty much […]

Remains of the Dead: ZOMBIE PLAGUE 1, MANKIND 0

Remains of the Dead by Iain McKinnon is one hell of a sequel to Domain of the Dead, but can easily function as a stand-alone. Technically, the two books are just different perspectives of the same timeline. In both, a helicopter full of soldiers is sent out from a military ship to bring back zombie specimens for the scientists to […]

Zombie Lit Pioneer: Kim Paffenroth [INTERVIEW]

When Kim Paffenroth released his first undead novel, Dying to Live, no one really knew anything about him, and some even assumed he was a female author because of his name. Several novels and anthologies later, Paffenroth is easily one of the most recognizable faces at the horror cons, and has become the Stephen King of zombies (back when King […]

Michael McFarland Kicks Zombie Ass [Interview]

Okay,zombiephiles…remember when I said that D’Orazio and DiLouie set the bar for 2011? Well, Michael McFarland met that challenge with his novel, Wormwood. It reminded me of The Jakarta Pandemic, but with the most wicked reanimating virus I have ever come across in any plot. Wormwood was as emotionally devastating as the ending of Dead Sea by Brian Keene. Divided […]

Fleshbags: Sickest. Zombies. Ever. By Gerald Dean Rice [INTERVIEW]

Fleshbags is a zombie novella by horror author Gerald Dean Rice. It’s not the first time that he’s written about the undead, but it was still a bit of surprise for me. It was also the grossest piece of fiction I have ever read. Seriously…Fleshbags is only 77 pages, but it took me as long as a 300-page book to […]

David Naughton-Shires: Zombie Illustrator [Interview]

David Naughton-Shires isn’t your usual zombie artist; David is an active member of The Masonic Society, which has been a big influence in his designs. He also works with photography and writing, and he is a huge fan of Batman. Fans of Library of the Living Dead are most likely to recognize his undead artwork. His projects range from book […]

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