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The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview

Season 4 of AMC’s uber-popular zombie show “The Walking Dead” returns on October 14th in the United States, but for fans who just can’t wait two weeks for their zombie fix, the Zombiephiles have you covered. Check out this Walking Dead Season 4 preview with cast interviews, recaps of TWD Season 3, and glimpses of what’s to come in Season […]

Honest Trailers – World War Z

Ever watch a movie and then think to yourself, “Wow, that was pretty much nothing like what the trailer made it out to be?” No worries – “Honest Trailers” has you covered. They take Hollywood’s biggest trailers and recut them to more accurately represent the actual content of the movie – with hilarious results. Check out this Honest Trailer for […]

Resident Evil 5: Retribution Trailer Released

Fans of the never-ending Resident Evil franchise, rejoice – your favorite zombie-slaying heroine, Alice, returns this year in the fifth installment of the Resident Evil franchise (not counting that weird animated one that had nothing to do with any of the other ones). Here’s the official synopsis: The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global […]

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

There’s nothing quite like kids in zombie makeup. This zombie kid, though, doesn’t seem to understand the significance of his zombie costume when he’s interviewed by a local TV news reporter. Check out the hilarious “Zombie Kid LIkes Turtles” video!

Zombies Cartoon – The Entire Series on Youtube!

A few months ago we brought you the first three episodes of the online zombie cartoon, “Zombies!” Well, we’re pleased to present to you the rest of the series, which is available in its entirety on Youtube:

Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer

Remember that last vacation you took? Pretty awesome, right? But wasn’t there something…missing? That’s right. Zombies. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to wait for the coming zombie apocalypse to enjoy the perfect union of zombies and tropical vacations, thanks to the official announcement of Dead Island, a zombie video game with a decidedly island feel. So check out this […]

How to Zombie Proof Your Car

There are a lot of awesome zombie guides out there, but when it comes to transportation, a lot of them don’t do much more than scratch the surface. Enter Mighty Car Mods, Australia’s self-proclaimed #1 online DIY auto show. These guys do extreme car mods, and there’s nothing more extreme than zombie-proofing your vehicle. From armor to weapons to electronics, […]

Machinima’s “Bite Me” Zombie Series – Episodes 1 and 2

So we’re pretty stoked to announce Machinima’s “Bite Me” zombie web series about three gamers who find themselves in the midst of a full-blown zombie outbreak. Completely available via Youtube, “Bite Me” is getting quite a bit of attention within the gaming community (Machinima’s strongest demographic), and it’s quite a bit of fun, actually. Told from the perspective of gamers […]

Zombies Cartoon – I Was a Teenage Zombie!

We got sent this playful, entertaining (barely) animated zombie cartoon by fellow Zombiephile Aaron Kennedy. By the time we got around to posting it (sorry, it’s been a busy couple of months), there were already three episodes out! If you like low-budget animation (and really, who doesn’t) and you like zombies (and really, who doesn’t), you should definitely check out […]

Musical of the Living Dead

Fellow zombiephile Sam Wineman, an aspiring filmmaker, is currently engaged in the Olympus PEN video contest on Youtube – the video with the most “Likes” on Youtube gets $5,000 and a PEN E-PL1 camera to get their project up and off the ground. In Sam’s case, that project is a zombie musical, called Musical of the Living Dead. His video […]

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