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Hoppers, Juggernauts, and A Demon Walk Into an Apocalypse…

Once again, Craig DiLouie has me comparing his work to HP Lovecraft’s stories, and Lovecraft is looking really tame compared to The Infection series. I hate waiting for sequels, but this one was worth it. I had stated in a previous review that I wouldn’t want to find myself in DiLouie’s world; The Killing Floor went one step further and […]

Tooth And Nail: Interview With Craig DiLouie

I know some Zombiephile purists might argue that Craig DiLouie’s novel, Tooth And Nail, is not a zombie book, but if you think 28 Days Later can be counted as a zombie movie, then it’s all good. Obviously, I am talking about the living infected in a story about an Army unit trying to navigate through New York City. Hong […]

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