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Mad Swine: The Beginning

Mad Swine: The Beginning is going to be one of those novels where the zombie fans argue in the message boards about whether or not this qualifies as a zombie novel – even some of the book’s own characters debate over calling them zombies! The “crazies” are infected living, much like 28 Days Later, but due to an ability to regenerate […]

Fleshbags: Sickest. Zombies. Ever. By Gerald Dean Rice [INTERVIEW]

Fleshbags is a zombie novella by horror author Gerald Dean Rice. It’s not the first time that he’s written about the undead, but it was still a bit of surprise for me. It was also the grossest piece of fiction I have ever read. Seriously…Fleshbags is only 77 pages, but it took me as long as a 300-page book to […]

Zombie Mutations in “The Infection” by Craig DiLouie

The Infection by Craig DiLouie tells the story of six survivors traveling in an armored vehicle, while trying to find a safe refuge, after a mysterious virus infects millions of humans. The infected people collapse into comas; when they wake up, three days later, they attack all the non-infected. After just a couple of weeks, some of the survivors discover […]

Tooth And Nail: Interview With Craig DiLouie

I know some Zombiephile purists might argue that Craig DiLouie’s novel, Tooth And Nail, is not a zombie book, but if you think 28 Days Later can be counted as a zombie movie, then it’s all good. Obviously, I am talking about the living infected in a story about an Army unit trying to navigate through New York City. Hong […]

Zombies Overwhelm Star Trek Convention!!

I almost didn’t select Night of the Living Trekkies for review; the cover art looks like the cheesy garbage you would find on most young adult fiction books, and the title made me think, “One more person trying to cash in on the zombie genre with some ridiculous twist.” BUT, I’ve enjoyed other Quirk novels, and I can’t get enough […]

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