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Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse – [BOOK]

If you’re a fan of those old-school choose-your-own-adventure books, you’ll love Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse, by Deanna Knippling and Dante Savelli. Along the lines of last year’s Zombocalypse, Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse sees readers navigating their way through a zombie outbreak toward any number of possible endings, none of which, according to the authors, is a happy one. […]

A Zombie Choose Your Own Adventure Book! “Zombocalypse Now” Review

f you’re my age, you often sit around fondly remembering the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series that entertained us so much when we were young. And if you love zombies as much as I do, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why weren’t there any zombie ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books?” Well, ask yourself no longer, because Chooseomatic books has brought us “Zombocalypse Now,” a totally sweet and surprisingly thick book written in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” style that is, quite simply, a fantastic zombie book.

Each page of “Zombocalypse Now” offers you the results of your previous decisions, and (hopefully) gives you a set of actions for you to choose from – creating a large and complex web of storylines that navigate their way through the book. At almost 300 pages, “Zombocalypse Now” puts you in the role of the protagonist, a stuffed bunny who quickly discovers that his internet date isn’t going as well as he hoped it would when his date begins to crave brains. From those beginnings, you navigate your way through a slew of close calls, hard decisions and surprise plot twists in your quest to find an ending that doesn’t actually result in you dying. (The book advertises that out of 112 possible endings, there are at least seven in which you don’t die.)

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