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Zombieland TV Show In the Works

Zombieland fans, break out the bubbly – the Zombieland TV show is most definitely in development, according to New York Magazine’s Vulture.

With the news that The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere on AMC lurched its way to the top of the cable ratings this week, the latest buzz that Fox and Sony Pictures Television are currently in talks with Zombieland producer Gavin Polone to produce a weekly, 30-minute Zombieland TV show for the 2012-2013 season has zombiephiles around the internet moaning with delight.

A Zombieland TV show won’t come as a surprise to some hardcore zombiephiles, though – the original concept for Zombieland was to pitch it as a TV show, not as a movie, according to an earlier interview with Zombieland co-writer Rhett Reese:

“We always thought [Zombieland should be a TV show]…If you watch the movie with that in mind, you will see some remnants of the television show. We have the ‘Zombie Kill of the Week,’ which was always intended to happen every week. The movie ends on a cliffhanger; it doesn’t have a real resolution.

Reese might be going a little hard on himself and co-writer Paul Wernick by saying that the Zombieland movie didn’t have a real resolution – viewers certainly thought it resolved itself well enough to make it one of the top-grossing zombie movies of all time, not to mention one of the highest rated.

Zombiephiles who are hoping to see the main characters from the movie reappear in the Zombieland TV show might be disappointed, however: Polone has told Vulture that the main leads from the movie won’t be a part of the series. That makes sense, considering how popular most of Zombieland’s then-obscure stars have become in the two years since the movie’s release.

Regardless, the news that a Zombieland TV show is in the works is nonetheless exciting for zombie fans around the United States and around the world. The immense popularity of AMC’s The Walking Dead has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that zombies and TV are compatible. This may come as bad news, however, for zombiephiles who were hoping that they would see a Zombieland 2 sequel in the coming years. According to Polone, if the Zombieland show goes forward, they’ll scrap the Zombieland 2 sequel, which he says they’ve already put “serious work” into.

Prior to the Zombieland movie, several networks had expressed interest in turning the project into a television show. CBS had ordered a pilot script for a Zombieland TV show way back in 2005, but according to Polone, they “took all the good stuff out,” ultimately passing on the project in the end. Subsequently SyFy had shown interest in a Zombieland show, but eventually couldn’t pull together the funding required, says Polone.

Given Fox’s spotty track record in recent years of cancelling shows before they have a chance to get off the ground, and given the 30 minute “sitcom” format of the show, some zombiephiles have expressed concern about the fate of the Zombieland TV Show.

What do you think, zombiephiles? Are you interested in seeing a Zombieland show arrive on the small screen? Are you worried that Fox will end up messing up a good thing? Do you think a 30-minute timeslot for the Zombieland TV show is enough? Let us know what you think! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we know when Zombieland Season 1 will premiere.

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