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World War Z Movie Update

world_war_z_book_coverWell, Zombiephiles, there’s good news and bad news about the upcoming World War Z movie. The bad news: the release date has been pushed back to 2010. The good news? Another two years means that Brad Pitt’s Plan B Productions will have plenty of time to get the movie right.

Although copies of the script are supposedly circulating around the internet, a recent comment on IMDB’s board, also supposedly by J. Michael Straczinski himself pleads with internet users to stop the rumor-milling and script-circulation and, instead, look forward to the movie’s release with earnest:

Guys, here’s a simple question.

Do you want to see this film made, or just talk about the script?

Studios get very nervous when drafts leak out, and they get even more nervous when people start taking it apart, good or bad, online…it can make them think too many people have seen it, start reconsidering their opinions, and the next thing you know it’s back in development hell or gone. I’ve seen several projects at this sensitive stage literally scuttled by such things.

If all you want is to talk about the script, then great…but if you want to see Max Brooks’ novel brought to film, brought to life, and maybe make one of the best zombie movies in a long time, can we declare a moratorium on both analyses and passing around my script (which people shouldn’t have in any event) until AFTER the film gets made?



This Zombiephile gave up on tracking down the script himself when he remembered that he likes being surprised when he goes to the movies (and when a copy failed to be forthcoming). Personally, we can’t wait to see World War Z get made, although we certainly can wait to see the script.

With rumors flying around that the role of the interviewer will be played by Pitt himself (completely unconfirmed) and that Children of Men director Alphonso Cuaron may be set to direct (also completely unconfirmed), one thing is for sure: the zombie world is heating up, and 2010 can’t get here fast enough.

One way or the other, World War Z will probably be the zombie movie to end all zombie movies, which is kind of a bummer since we like zombie movies! But with a remake of George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead and countless other zombie movies scheduled for release in 2008, 2009 and 2010, we should have plenty of brains to gorge ourselves on until World War Z sees release.


  1. Daaang. 2010 is so… far… away. I wonder if the “zombie fad” will still be popular enough to draw in crowds by that time. And who else is wondering how the hell this story will translate to film?

  2. Hey Zombiephiles,

    Sorry to leave this in comments, but we couldn’t find a contact email.

    Wanted to let you know about our new business, Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse. We’re bladesmiths who handcraft zombie killing blades. We thought you might be interested in checking it out:

    Relevant to this post, we’re huge WWZ fans. We have a prototype of the Lobo in the works and will be posting images shortly.

  3. mangvil

    this should be alot of fun don’t really care if it gets a crowed I just want to see the book come alive should be nice

  4. Def can’t wait but I’m sure more good moves will pop up by than.

  5. JBud1989

    So, there’s no way to get the script?

  6. JBud1989 –

    No, there IS one way to get the script – you’ll have to build a time machine and go to the future, when the script is available, and then you’ll have to bring it back. I’m sure that’s how the original script got leaked in the first place. This sort of thing happens all the time these days.

  7. 365Halloween: The “Zombie Fad?” This Zombiephile finds your lack of faith…disturbing.

    Zombie movies are just getting better and better. The Zombie has been a cultural artifact for almost 50 years now – and that’s more than we can say about a lot of popular culture.

    Also I love zombies.

  8. I hope everybody is aware that ‘Z’ is pronounced Zed not Zee.

  9. mike

    are they going to make anoyher knight of the living dead remake? that would be cool. as for wwz.. i cant wait. i have complete faith that they wont f#$% it up.

  10. Does getting indirectly dissed by J. Michael Straczinski mean that I’m famous? Like, famous by one degree of separation? It’s like being the girl who gets hit by a cell phone thrown by Tyra Banks. That’s fame, right?

  11. Uhh….Sure why not. And when is this movie set to come out? (Like what month in 2010?)

  12. kc6cfb

    Being that the book was written by an American the “Z” is pronounced “Zee” not “Zed”. Thanks Stewie. Buh bye.

  13. So here it is 2010, and I have yet to see a trailer…do we know if it’s still a go?

  14. zach

    I remember reading that book in the 11th grade some kid would bring it to class and i would always take it from him and start reading it lol
    but i think it would make a great movie just hope its not low budjet or anythin,g like most zombie movies

  15. zach


    i doubt this movie will happen anytime soon

  16. Zames

    I think Bradd is waiting for Angela to collect, I mean adopt, some more kids so that they don’t have to pay extras for the movie. Angelina will just suck their youthful life forces out of them. After that the dessicated husks amble around aimlessly. Perfect zombie doubles. Shouldn’t take too long.

  17. Please take a moment to check out the complete first chapter of Valley of Death.

  18. Beast

    Hey! kc6cfb. Being as the book was written in the English language it`s actually pronounced as “Zed” by the English and not “Zee”. After all Zack would become Zeeack would it not?.On a serious note, the way things are going I bet it will be 2014 before this movie is ever completed.

  19. That Girl

    If “Zack” would be pronounced “Zeeack” as “beast” put then does he/she pronounce it “Zedack”? I hate when know it alls get off topic, no one cares as long as it gets made geez! *SO BACK TO THE TOPIC* any new 2011 updates seeing as it’s now a year past expected release?

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