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The Walking Dead Premieres in One Week!

There less than one week to go until the hour-and-a-half premiere of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman’s long-running zombie comic book of the same name. With the premiere so close (The Walking Dead premieres on October 31st, 2010), things are really starting to heat up.

AMC has launched their official Walking Dead site, which is packed full of tons of cool features and promotions to push the premiere. It includes episode guides, photo galleries, videos, a blog, games, contests and a whole lot more – enough to satisfy even the hungriest zombiephile between now and Halloween.

What can viewers expect from The Walking Dead TV show? If interviews are anything to be believed, we can expect to see a fairly faithful adaptation of the comic book; although some dialogue might likely change, you shouldn’t expect to see any new (or, hopefully, missing) characters, and the plotline should be essentially unchanged. Season 1 of The Walking Dead will cover the issues of the Walking Dead comic that were included in the first TPB (Trade Paperback), called “Days Gone Bye.”

The first season of The Walking Dead will be just six episodes long, but viewers are already hoping that if all goes according to plan, they should see a longer production run for subsequent seasons of the show.

For those of you obsessed with such details, here’s the cast list as we know it currently:

Jon Bernthal
Jeffrey DeMunn
Laurie Holden
Rick Grimes
Andrew Lincoln
Adam Minarovich
Carl Grimes
Chandler Riggs
Merle Dixon
Michael Rooker
Sarah Wayne Callies
Steven Yeun
Alexyz Danine Kemp
Madison Lintz
Jeryl Prescott
IronE Singleton
Emma Bell
Melissa Suzanne McBride
Juan Gabriel Pareja
Daryl Dixon
Norman Reedus
Andrew Rothenberg
Viviana Chavez
Maddie Lomax
Noah Lomax

And as a little added bonus, here’s some Walking Dead images (courtesy of AMC) to help satisfy your unquenchable appetite for zombies:

So get stoked, zombiephiles! We’ve got less than one week until the premiere of the biggest zombie TV show EVER – and a momentous moment for zombiephiles everywhere! Make sure you do your part and tune in on Halloween night for the premiere of The Walking Dead!


  1. For those interested there is a Walking Dead fansite at and I’ve submitted a link to this article there…

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