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Controversy Flares as Resident Evil 5 Takes Zombies Back to Their Roots

Another Resident Evil 5 trailer showed up at the G3 video game convention recently; just over a minute long, the trailer features oodles of next-gen zombie battles, including some truly sobering zombie hordes. For zombie fans, it’s looking like Resident Evil 5 could be the big one.

The original Resident Evil 5 trailer, posted nearly a year ago, was little more than a tease, showing us a bit of game engine footage and a tiny bit of cut-scene action. The new trailer, shown below, is a much more satisfying look at what’s likely to be the most popular Zombie video game ever.

Resident Evil 5 Trailer:

But the trailer isn’t without controversy. The game takes place in what appears to be a developing African country, and most of the zombies are, well, black.

There’s a precedent for black zombies. The original concept of “zombieness” as we know it was redacted from fantastic stories of “walking dead” toiling in the fields of Haiti. In fact, the word “zombie” comes from a Haitian word meaning “soul.” The book and film The Serpent and the Rainbow is based on one author’s real life experience about researching Haitian Zombie Powder.

Look, whether or not you agree with the efficacy of populating a video game with a single race of bad guys (Battlefield Vietnam was full of Vietnamese people), you’ve got to agree that Resident Evil 5 looks like one of the most engaging and terrifying zombie video games ever.

Only problem? No announcement yet about a port to the Nintendo Wii. Most Wii players agree that Resident Evil 4 was better on that console than on any other before it, and the decision not to port the sequel over to the most successful system is in debate at this very moment.


  1. Jared

    i love how people are so intent on accusing people of racism.
    although there is some. people shouldnt be so quick to point it out in places that it isnt.

    like in this. capcom wanted something very original. they didnt want to say that all blacks are evil. what could be more original than an underdeveloped country plagued with many other diseases, and a rough envoirnment. people have seen the suburban, the mall, the farmhouse. the city, the mansion, the spaniard village. but no under developed countries where the enviornment has to be faced just as much as the zombies?

    well. i think people are too obsessed over whites being racist toward blacks. i personally think its closer to the other way around.
    but there is no racism in this game. you arent shooting black people. your shooting dead people who happen to live in an under developed continent. your not shooting black people cause theyre black. your shooting zombies because they want to kill you

  2. OMG people are wack i dont know why people think so stupid

    = _ im not a racist

    but when resident evil 4 came out , i didnt say LOOK THERE TALKING SPANISH , I DONT WANNA PLAY

    its lame ( i know Spanish ^_^ )

  3. Yawn. It’s going to take more than new, multicultural dimensions to rekindle my interest in Resident Evil. It’s all about Dead Rising, and counting the days until the sequel comes out.

    In fact, I’d love to hear what you–as zombiephiles–think of my “best zombie media” list:

  4. black guy

    As a black zombiephile it pisses me off when people who don’t know anything about the zombie movies and games attack them and call them racist. I saw the RE5 trailer and thought it was great. Who wants to play a zombie game where the zombies look normal? My only gripe is that after all the resident evil games you would think they would have some more ethnic groups as protagonist. It would be nice to see an African hero in an African country, or a Chinese hero in China, etc. The possibilities for RE are endless! In conclusion “Black Zombie Power!

  5. UnDead Anti-Hero

    C’mon. Night, Dawn, Day and even kinda Land of the dead all had black main roles. Just so happens the King of Zombies decided in Land to make the black hero a hero for the zombies. It should be clear that the movie indusrty greatly favors african americans. I mean go to and look for the black jesus contant, its laid out plainly there. And just like my movies I like my video games to have a broad racial spectrum of the people getting killed, I can get tired of killing one race all the damn time. Call me sick but I’m still waiting for zombie kids in video games, or atleast midgets I mean damn the only time i get to aim down is to take out a dragger or snapper.

  6. Well my thoughts on all this is basicly, If you dont want to play it and you dont want any kids to play it……. “Why do you think there is a rating system” lol.
    Just because the Zombie race is all Black means nothing, i mean the game is based in Africa…….. gives a clue right?

    I mean they are trying to Bann Mass Effect from the U.S because of the fact there is two Alien chicks with a short sex seen.

    I think they need to play the damn game before they can judge it……..

    Am i right?



  8. DeaditeNancy

    I think it is awesome that they’re doing something different.

    Also – the Mass Effect sex scene is between an alien girl and a human girl. So, not only same sex action, but interspeces… Some people can’t handle it. Too bad, Mass Effect is awesome.

  9. George Reid

    I am really looking forward to this if they are bringing the zombies back!

    Racist?!?!?!! thats people trying to claim money for you, in Resident evil 4 no one complained that spanish people where killed! so it’s ok to kill white zombies, but whenever a dark character is introduced “OOOH NO WE CAN’T have that” a sad boring **** says things like that, no one battered an eyelid when the first game came out, and we killed white american zombies, THIS IS NO DIFFERENT IN RESI 5, it’s not racist at all you sad sad individuals who claim it is… Can’t wait for the release, it woould be good to see chris in action again!

  10. tony

    Oh, oh i just killed a couple infected white people in the game….and u kno no one points out the fact that the leading lady is african, and very much not stupid or savage, AND several other people u interact with and are saved by just happen to be black. Yes very racist…right

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