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PDX Zombie Prom – 80’s Zombies Invade Portland

Portland, Oregon is a pretty cool place to be a zombie. We just got an email from Heather Erickson, a serious zombiephile hailing from the Pacific Northwest alerting us to their upcoming annual PDX Zombie Prom being held on May 15th. The event, which first started back in 2007 when Heather, who goes by the nom-de-zom “Bella Boo.” From their website:

In September 2007 Bella began feeling a strong urge to sink her teeth into something. Halloween comes but once per year with various events to surround its celebration. Such a spooktacular holiday deserves to be a biannual festivity.

Many people never attend their own prom. Stuffy tuxedos, mint green satin, things made with lace we won’t mention, bows, ruffles.the list of prepubescent finery is endless. We either stayed at home watching TV with our parents or went to suffer misery in its purest form. As we age, however, we long for those childhood dances we missed and everyone wants to be asked to the prom.

Who better for a date then a zombie? If your answer is, “Hell Yes!”, then this, my friend, is your prom.

This year’s PDX Zombie Prom has an 80’s zombies theme – which, in this Zombiephile’s personal opinion, is one of the greatest decades for zombies ever. I’m talking Thriller here, people.

Check out the flier:

So if you’re going to be in the Portland area on the 15th of March, and you’re a zombiephile, this is pretty much the only place you should be at! You can check out their webpage at, or you can just go ahead and Order Tickets here. Zombiephiles of Portland, Oregon, unite!

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