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Lost Zombies – A User-Driven Zombie Documentary

We got a heads-up from our friends over at Lost Zombies, who have famously created the world’s largest zombie-oriented social network, that they’re forging into an entirely new and exciting new realm of zombie-fandom – they’re creating the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary.

The concept is simple and straightforward, and pretty freakin’ awesome. Basically, Lost Zombies users around the world (and if you aren’t already on Lost Zombies, you should probably head over there immediately) can submit any zombie-oriented zombie documentary footage, as long as it follows the Lost Zombies Timeline – a loose framework of the zombie apocalypse that the Lost Zombies guys have set up to organize their story around. User submissions don’t necessarily have to involve any of the events on the timeline – they simply have to generally abide by the timing of the timeline, giving users the freedom to tell any side of the zombie outbreak story that they want to.

For users interested, you can check out the Lost Zombies Timeline below:

We zombiephiles are pretty stoked about Lost Zombies’ idea. Those faithful zombiephiles among you will remember last year’s Z-Day experiment, where we took to Twitter to simulate a zombie apocalypse. Lost Zombies is going to leverage on that same power – the power of we united zombiephiles – to create a work like no other – completely community generated.

We’re going to be keeping a close eye on the Lost Zombies documentary project, and maybe just dusting off our video camera! If you’ve ever thought about creating a zombie movie, go check out Lost Zombies – and help spread the word!

Now that you're all pumped up about having someplace to send off your newly-minted zombie documentary, why not check out our guide: Five Easy Steps to Create Your Own Zombie Movie.

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