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DOTD Remake – Will Any of the Original Remain?

Well, the trailer for the latest of Romero’s remake cycle, Day of the Dead, has received a lot of attention lately.

The original movie centered around an isolated military base that was home to a small group of survivors. The story Romero told wasn’t really about zombies, it was about the nature of the militaristic/industrial complex and the relationship we have with it. Zombies were just the medium he used to tell his story, which is what George Romero typically did with his zombie movies.

Problem is, not all of the attention that the remake is getting is positive. A lot of classic Romero fans thought Day of the Dead, although certainly not the best of his zombie movies, contained some of the best elements, and really defined a lot of what we know about modern “zombieness.”


What do you think, Zombiephiles? Will this remake be as good as the Dawn of the Dead remake?

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