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Zombies At The South Pole!! [Review]

Ice Station Zombie by JE GURLEY opens with scientists conducting a military experiment in Antarctica, and one of the characters makes a reference to a failed experiment resulting in 129 men turned into zombies, so the author wastes no time introducing the undead element.

The experiments involved “nanites,” and it was decided that they would be more effective as weapons. It wasn’t too clear what the original intended purpose for the nanites was, but that didn’t really affect the flow of the storyline.

The setting is divided among survivors at the various Antarctic bases, and a group of survivors in Australia dealing with the aftermath of “The Demise.” Other than the worldwide zombie outbreak, there didn’t seem to be a connection between the two POVs, but eventually the connection is revealed.

I gotta say, I had a few flashbacks to the 1982 movie, The Thing, but, instead of an alien entity, the survivors were dealing with zombies.

I didn’t think the end was much of a cliff-hanger, but it was obvious that the author intends to continue this story in another novel. I’m curious to see if Gurley continues to use the same writing style for the sequel.

Check out the book trailer, if you’re curious.

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