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Permuted Press: Deadly Waters Ahead!

Permuted Press has been spreading the infection, and then some. There seems to be a new theme forming in their zombie department: water is not your friend in an undead outbreak. Here are just a few of the latest titles that will have you running for dry land and high ground:

In Dead Tide Surge by Stephen A. North, the multiple storylines from Dead Tide and Dead Tide Rising are finally converging, making it an easier novel to navigate. I enjoyed the action scenes far more – not your typical slash ‘n’ dash that readers often find in horror novels. North has become rather creative with the death and despair surrounding the survivors…take a deep breath because North’s Dead Tide will pull you in further with the Surge.

In Evil Veins: Dark Beginnings by D.S. Sager a scientist driven by grief decides to unleash a serum into the waters of a coastal town that causes genetic mutations of the sea life, which leads to one of the most horrific zombie outbreaks that I’ve ever read. I almost lost my lunch a few times while reading the descriptions of the infected. I can’t wait for the next one!

In Z-topia by Suzanne Robb, Ally, the sole survivor from Z-Boat, sets out on a revenge mission. As if the self-induced apocalypse wasn’t bad enough, a secondary apocalypse has unfolded in the form of a worldwide zombie outbreak (which spread through the limited water supply), and Ally realizes a third apocalyptic wave is unleashing a new nightmare in the form of stronger, more bullet-resistant zombies. Oh, and they’re smart too!

Some of you may not see how Mitigation by Sean Schubert fits in, but considering this Alaskan undead apocalypse is bordered on three sides by water, the survivors don’t have many options. The series plot is continued by revisiting characters [cut off] from the main survivor group of the previous storyline. Schubert ties up a lot of loose ends from the first two books without rushing through the timeline.

Perfect reading list for zombiephiles at the beach this summer!


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