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WTF Happened to the Zombiephile?!!

You may be wondering, WTF happened to the Zombiephile? For months now, you might have been saying things to yourself like, “Wow, that Zombiephile used to be such a dedicated zombie blogger,” and “Boy, that Zombiephile used to write really funny zombie outbreak articles,” and “Gee whiz, that Zombiephile is really sexy and has a huge penis.” Whichever it was, […]

Zombiephiles Hacked – By Zombies

Perhaps recent visitors to the Zombiephiles have noticed something different. Instead of our infectious zombie humor, news and entertainment, visitors were instead greeted by an outbreak of the more everyday variety – a javascript downloader virus in the header.php file of our WordPress installation. Now, this Zombiephile will tell you that when it comes to Blogging, his specialty is zombie […]

“World War Z” Screenplay Script LEAKED!!!

A tentative screenplay for the upcoming movie version of Max Brooks’ World War Z by J. Michael Straczinski has been leaked onto the internet, according to multiple internet sources. A quick Google search confirms that the leaked “WWZ” script is has been reviewed at several websites, although (like the Zombiephiles), most of the big-name zombie sites aren’t posting it. The […]

Zombie World News – Anatomy of a Zombie Outbreak

If you’re like Chester Macarthur, the Undead Survivalist, you probably spend your early mornings smoking cigarettes, scouring the newspaper for Zombie news, zombie outbreaks or general media outbreaks that may be attributable to Zombies, and polishing your machete. But take heart, Zombiephiles – there’s a website out there that brings the Zombie apocalypse right to your fingertips.

Zombie Forums Back from the Dead

Zombiephiles, rejoice! After a notable absence, our Zombie Forums are back from the dead, and they’re badder than ever. Now running on a backbone of PhpBB3, they’re sleeker, faster and sexier than ever before – and they’re just waiting for you to post. So join up, Zombiephiles, and tell us what you think about all things Zombie! The Zombiephiles’ Zombie […]

Where are the Zombiephiles?

Many eager fans (at least, they look like fans, except for the blood, gore, and constant craving for brains) have been asking lately, “What the hell happened to the Zombiephiles?” Well, there’s an answer for that. You see, our Zombiephile has fled the United States, choosing to make his stand against the Zombies in Beijing, China. The problem is, China […]

Zombie Quiz Section Open >> The Zombie-philes

Zombie quizzes can be excellent for preparing for the coming zombie outbreak. The Zombiephiles want you to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, to that end, we’ve opened a small and humble Zombie Quiz Section on the Zombiephiles.
Take the zombie quizzes and find out where you’ll rank in the coming zombie apocalypse. Or take a zombie quiz to find out which kind of zombie movie character you are.

Whichever zombie quiz you take, you’ll be able to add a badge from your zombie quiz to your website, Myspace profile or Facebook page. Remember, Zombiephiles, the zombie outbreak imminent – prepare with a zombie quiz or two.

Zombie forums open! Zombie fans unite!

If you’ve been clamoring for a chance to share your moans with the rest of the Zombiephiles, you’ve finally got your chance. Our technically savvy and incredibly attractive admin has, from the relative safety of his Zombie-proof bunker, managed to launch The ZombiePhiles’ Zombie Forum, a place for lovers of the zombie to share their thoughts on zombie readiness, zombies […]

RFID “Cadaver” Tagging – Covert Preemptive Zombie Defense?

Amidst an ocean of bad decisions, the US Government seems to be on the verge of making the right one: preemptively tagging and cataloging our innumerable dead, presumably as a hedge bet against an eventual zombie uprising. Widely reported in the mainsteam media (“Chips Help Catalogue Katrina Dead, Wired, September 2005; Body ID: Barcodes for Cadavers, Wired , February 2005″), […]

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