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Zombies Invaded My Town!!

    I was feeling sorry for myself this week because I couldn’t go to ZomBcon in Seattle this weekend to meet up with all the zombiephiles I worked with this year. I have my fingers crossed that they will hold it in Chicago in 2012 — provided that it’s held before the end of the world, of course. During […]

CDC Shares Zombie Outbreak Preparation Tips and Strategies

It seems that somebody at the CDC has been reading everyone’s favorite zombie blog. At least, that’s the only conclusion we Zombiephiles can come to after reading the CDC’s latest blog post – entitled Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. Yup, you read that right – the CDC has posted a blog article that bears some very striking similarities to our own […]

Why You SHOULDN’T Watch the Leaked “Walking Dead” Pilot

So, zombiephiles, here’s how it is: Some ass-clown journalist with a screener has leaked the premiere episode of AMC’s upcoming “The Walking Dead” TV Series onto the internet, and this is actually a really, really bad thing. Let me explain why that is. 1. The quality sucks zombie-dong. According to every source I can find on the topic, the quality […]

The Return Man – An Online Zombie Novel

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, what do you do when your loved ones are out there somewhere, shambling around, craving human flesh? You call the Return Man. Vincent Zito is the mastermind behind the web’s latest zombie offering, The Return Man, an online zombie novel about a professional “corpse tracker,” who hires out his zombie-hunting services to grieving […]

Lego Zombie Apocalypse

If you love zombies and legos, you’re going to crap a brick when you see this. So every year there’s this lego convention called BrickCon. Apparently last year, at the 2008 BrickCon, some zombiephiles got together and made themselves a little lego zombie apocalypse. Actually it’s a very large lego zombie apocalypse. Check out the pics: You can see the […]

The Zombiephiles Want YOU! And Your Brains.

Fellow zombiephiles, today is a monumental day, a day whose dawn was heralded by the prophets of yore, a day that shall live in infamy for as long as humanity continues to hold out against the endless throngs of undead.

Today, is going crowd-sourced, and we want YOU! Also, we want your brains, but mostly we want YOU!

zombie-uncle-samStarting today, is a user-contributed blog! That means anyone can register for an account and write an article, list, quiz, or just about whatever! Have an opinion about zombies and zombie survival that you want to share? DO IT! Think our list of the Five Must-Have Zombie Survival Items You’ll Probably NEVER Think Of is silly and you can do better? DO IT! Seen a good zombie movie lately that you’re just itching to write a review of? DO IT DO IT!!

The Zombiephiles’ Awesome Zombie Store is Officially OPEN!

Zombiephiles of the world, you might want to sit down for this one. You sitting down? Good. Because the Zombiephiles’ Totally Awesome Zombie Store is officially open for business. Looking for the very best zombie movies, comics, books, tee-shirts – pretty much anything zombie related? You’ve come to the right place – our Zombie Store has the finest zombie swag and zombie gear available, at prices that you can’t shake a stick at (or club in the head with a cricket bat).

Left 4 Dead 2 BANNED In Australia?!! – UPDATED

It’s a sad day for our Australian zombiephiles.

The Australian gaming commission has declined to give Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 a rating after it was reviewed this month, effectively banning the zombie game in a country that requires that all video games have a rating.

5 Things Zombie Preparation Can Teach Us About H1N1 Swine Flu

If you’re a Zombiephile chances are that you’ve been watching news of the recent outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu in Mexico like a hawk. After all, as we’ve discussed in the past, zombie outbreaks would likely spread in the same way as highly contagious viruses do; it therefore behooves the average Zombiephile to take some time and think, “What can […] Is Getting a Facelift

Rejoice, fellow zombiephiles! After a long, lingering, festering absence, our Zombiephilic site admin has returned and is in the process of re-designing and upgrading The Zombiephiles. Here’s a rundown of a few of the upcoming changes you may or may not notice: Gravatar Support. The Zombiephiles now supports Gravatars, avatar icons that follow you from site to site. When you […]

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