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Zombie Helpline – Cool Community-Driven Zombie Documentary

Want to be part of a cool user-driven zombie documentary? Check out Zombie Helpline – a helpline for people who have been affected by a zombie outbreak. Users can leave messages at the number which will be woven together to form a large-scale community-created zombie documentary. It’s a pretty cool concept that definitely hasn’t been done before in the zombie […]

Zomblicity Zombie Web Comic – Issues 1 and 2 Out Now

Love zombie comics? Love web comics? If the answers are yes, it stands to reason that you’ll love a good zombie web comic – and Zomblicity is definitely a zombie web comic worth your time. Written and drawn in a black-and-white manga style, Zomblicity is a different sort of web comic – “‘Sliding Doors’ with Zombies,” says creator Robin Sandiford. […]

Zombies + Traffic Cams = Hilarity

What do you get when you put together a gaggle of zombies and those ubiquitous traffic cameras that automatically snap a series of photos when you blow a red light? It took Harcos Laboratories, a cool alternative drinkmaker in Southern California, to find out. To promote their Zombie Blood Energy Potion (which is, by the way, awesome), Harcos (in conjunction […]

Mother Falcon Zombies!!!

Zombiephiles of Orlando, Florida, mark your calendars! Mother Falcon Clothing, a clothing maker on a mission to “democratize t-shirts,” is celebrating the month of October in style, holding an art exhibition like none other – a zombie art show!

Zombie 101 – University of Baltimore Teaching Zombies?!!

Well, it seems that the University of Baltimore, at least, takes zombies as seriously as we Zombiephiles do. They’re launching a new course in zombie studies which every Zombiephile would be clamoring to sign up for. For any of you zombie fans out there who haven’t chosen a university yet, this should put the University of Baltimore on your map!

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