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Gurley Is Laying Down The Law [Book Review]

Jake’s Law is another great zombie novel by horror author JE Gurley, who also wrote Ice Station Zombie and the Judgment Day series. I am a fan of Gurley’s Judgment Day Trilogy, so I was looking forward to reading Jake’s Law – the book description doesn’t do it justice. It was non-stop action mixed with the right amount of drama. […]

Zombies Ruining Special Occasions [Book Review]

Holiday of the Dead is not only a great sampling of some of the best authors from the zombie genre, but also an incredible showcase of what the horror sub-genre has to offer. With such a diverse collection, this anthology is sure to appeal to both hardcore zombiephiles, and those who are merely zombie-curious. Holiday of the Dead further proves […]

Civil War Zombies: Exit Humanity

Most of us are used to zombie movies where the survivors have some decent firepower…but imagine trying to fight off an undead horde with a musket, and you’ll have the gist of Exit Humanity. Taking place in 1870’s Tennessee, and centered on a Confederate soldier named Edward Young, the movie begins with a brief scene with Edward facing off with […]

Joe McKinney’s Dead World Series: Texas is Ground Zero

The first time that I read Dead City by Joe McKinney was when the book was first released in November 2006. Back then, my son was only a year old, so the scene with Eddie Hudson struggling to release his son from the car seat – while zombies closed in around them – really scared the shit out of me. […]

A Guy’s Guide to Zombies

There’s nothing quite like those ridiculous 1950’s newsreels. This one is a call for humans to join hands with the undead and bridge our differences. A highly entertaining look at an alternate 1950’s in which zombies and humans were forced to get along, this video made this zombiephile think about Fido.

The Zombie Transplant – How the Zombie Became Science Fiction

When people think about Zombies, they usually think about the horror genre. Buckets of blood, fake brains, gore aplenty. And why not? Although George Romero’s original zombie movies were pretty light on the gore, the people who took his ball and ran with it always pumped it on extra hard. Romero’s newest Zombie film, Land of the Dead, is one […]

Why Do So Many Zombie Movies Suck?

Admit it – Zombies are fucking awesome. There’s just something badass about the potential of facing down 6.5 billion shambling, half-rotting people without the capacity for free thought, pain, or self-awareness, driven only by a desire to consume. Any way you hack it, the Zombie is a literary archetype that represents something far more meaningful than the portrayals we see […]

Read the ZombiePhiles. Before it’s too late.

Rejoice, zombiephiles and zombiephobes of the world alike. ZombiePhiles has answered your prayers. No longer will you lie awake at night, wondering if you’ll survive the hoards of undead minions that are probably closing on your location as you read these very words. Never again will you find yourself unprepared in the face of the growing zombie menace. Ssshh. Listen. […]

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