Pick a Location.

This is the make-or-break step for any zombie movie maker. Sure, you’d love to have shots of tons of zombies thronging through Times Square or besieging the White House. But do you really have that kind of zombie movie budget? Instead, use the tried and true tool of all great zombie horror: isolation.

Unless you’ve got a Hollywood budget, you’ll get more zombie-for-your-buck if you pick an isolated, rural location, as seen in Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead and countless other zombie movies since. Isolation allows you to forgo complex and expensive plot elements, such as, “Should I pop down to the gun store on Fourth Avenue and arm myself,” in favor of far simpler, more straightforward plots like, “Am I going to make it out of this farmhouse alive?”

However, if you’ve got friends with connections, you’ll want to make use of them however you can. Buddy of yours work at the grocery store? Sounds like a late-night zombie grocery store movie shoot to me. Friends own a pub? Now you’ve got a pub zombie movie. If all else fails, consider asking them if you can shoot in their apartments – promise you’ll clean up all the gore, which actually brings us right along to Step 2.

Get some Gore.

Every zombie movie since the dawn of zombie movies has been gory. That’s just what it’s all about, particularly when it comes to those Italian Zombie movies. If your zombie movie is going to be successful, you’re going to need some gore. There’s a few different ways you can play this one, depending on your access to resources and the boldness of your acting pool:

Go to the Butcher

Yeah, it sounds awful, but nothing really says “I’m eating a guy’s stomach” like eating a stomach. Just make sure it isn’t actually a human stomach. The butcher can probably sell you remaindered bits that no one in their right mind would ever want to eat – that’s exactly where you and your zombies come in. To get that “steamy” effect, and to prevent your zombie actors from vomiting on the spot, freeze the meat and shoot the gory scenes in a hot room.

Rags and Bags

If you’re going with the low-budget, documentary style zombie movie, consider using some appropriately shaky camera work to hide the fact that your zombies aren’t, in fact, eating guts at all, but rather strips of cloth rags, wrapped in cellophane and soaked in a mixture of cornstarch and food coloring. If you really want to be nice, you could probably throw some pineapple juice in there and it wouldn’t taste half bad.

Shoot your Zombie Movie.

This is it – it’s all come down to this. You’ve got resources, actors, fake (or, perhaps real) gore, a decent plot, (possibly) a place to shoot it – now is the time.

Whatever you do, in spite of what you may have learned in film school, do not inform the police that you will be shooting a zombie movie. Trust me, this is for strategic purposes – when they all come running out in riot gear to take you down, you can probably get a lot of footage for free that might have otherwise been expensive to shoot and produce.

Try to get the shooting done as quickly as possible. This is a practical need, as the gore you’ve prepared won’t last forever and you don’t want to smell it three days into shooting. Stick to your plot, and keep your actors happy with sex, drugs and alcohol, which seems to work with most actors, anyway.

Remember, a good zombie movie will always suggest a sequel. There’s no such thing as a world safe from zombies! Make sure your viewers understand this by ending your movie with a kind of “Holy Crap Zombies Are Still Coming to Get You Barbara!” kind of finish.

Once you’re finished shooting, dump it all into your brother’s laptop and make him do all of the editing for you.

And there you have it! If you’ve followed this tutorial to the letter, you should have, by this point, something vaguely resembling a zombie movie. Make a few copies on DVD and send one to the Sci-Fi network – you could end up on their Saturday-terrible-movie-lineup. If, by some stroke of genius, you’ve produced the next Night of the Living Dead,, I’ll expect some kind of royalty check in the mail.

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  1. agooga

    Check out my zombie movie at YouTube. Doesn’t exactly fit into the paradigm, but worth your time, fer sure.


  2. Hey!

    I just wanted to turn your attention to a site I recently launched with a friend, http://www.zombiemeter.org. Sorry for leaving this as an offtopic comment, but I can’t find an email or contact link, so I figured this was the only place.

    The site has proved to be a lot of fun over the past couple weeks, and I’m sure we’ll have fun with it in the future.

    And on a sidenote, great blog! :)


  3. Hey,

    I worked with some folks to create a zombie PSA for Halloween. It’s not a fully developed zombie plot, but seemed like it would make for entertaining viewing.

    You can view it here: http://www.commoncraft.com/zombies or on the wiki: http://www.zombiesurvivalwiki.com.

    Viva Humanity!

  4. Thomas B


    Your guide to creating a zombie movie is quite interesting. I am hoping to create my own zombie movie soon , probably set inside an apartment block..
    I have many ideas on how to set out this movie but I am having trouble putting them all together.

    can you please email me at [email protected]

  5. Awesome Guide. I plan to take full use of it in a “How to” movie on zombies that I’m working on. Thanks for the good work

  6. Hi!
    Nice guide you have here!
    My first music video will be a zombie movie in short format…
    and hey if anyone needs music for their zombie flic….. shoot an email.


  7. haltopen

    This guide will come in handy when my friends and I shoot our zombie movie and put it on youtube. Its going to be mostly indoors in a house in a heavily forested area. It ends with my character running into the crowd of zombies with a gun and a hand grenade and blowing myself and the zombies up, and then the other characters get to the quarintine gate so they can leave the infested area but when they get there the guards are dead and the zombies have already gotten through, so it ends on an creepy note. if anyone has any suggestions for scenes, send me an email, my email is [email protected].

  8. cody

    Ummmm can someone tell me how to make a Zombie website for free

  9. Well, cody, if you’ve got zombie content you want to get out on the internet, we’d be happy to create a zombie blog for you here on the zombiephiles – and that goes for anyone else out there who wants to share their thoughts on all things zombie.

  10. yo!
    this will help me for our class project^^
    pls watch my vids on youtube^^

  11. Hey, this really helps. I am thinking of making a “zombie” movie (it’s not exactly zombies… more like alive/possessed soldiers) and this helps with some of the ideas. The only thing I am really having trouble with right now is the amount of people available… seeing as our movies usually only have 3-4 willing-to-work actors

  12. Mac-x – Since writing this article, our resident Zombiephile has begun using Twitter and has learned quite a bit that could be applied to making your own zombie movie. We suggest using social networking platforms like Twitter to drum up support for your project. Check out a Twitter user called IndywoodFilms to see how you can successfully raise both funds and actors for your own zombie movies by leveraging the power of social networking.

    Zombiephiles of the world, get on Twitter!

  13. randomphatguy

    oh ya ya! im planning on shooting a documentary style film, and had this brilliant idea! you dont need lots of zombies, two or three at a time! you could still make good hints towards their being hundreds of `em- hands against the window, guys covered in pig stomachs, ect. f your doing this documentary- stylee, it`s even easier `cos everything`s blurred and you dont need to spend mini fortunes on the zombies makeup!
    cool, eh?
    …now i just need a place to shoot…:(

  14. the kurlz

    my friend and i are making a movie and we’ve been watchin zombie movies and watchin clips on youtube and this website has helped us so much, thank you zombiephiles!!!!

  15. ZombiesAREn1c3

    Ah, Thank you, I have planning zombie splatter film and this gived me idea for plot . . . We and rest of cast live in a contryside, and near by us is a old house, perfect place to shoot a movie . . . But I dont know howto get my friends voluntarily in that place, it gives us creeps O.o

  16. jenn (ZoMbie Obsesor

    I realy like this website. It is really usefull for anything zombie realated. Good job.

  17. jenn (ZoMbie ObSessive)

    I really enjoy your website!

  18. steven

    hey, i want to be able to write a blog on here…please contact me at [email protected] thanks…..i have some awesome ideas

  19. michael

    i am doing my first zombie film but i na documentry style lol this is going to be fun

  20. Matt

    Hey ZombiesAREn1c3, if the place gives you the creeps, just tell your friends that if you make a profit off the film you’ll give them a fair share. If you don’t make any money, it’s okay! You don’t have to pay them, AND you have a good zombie movie. Plus, if the house gives you creeps to begin with, that gives it more of a realistic feeling because you guys will already be scared. :D

  21. Skye

    Sweet! Thanks. :) Working on a script for my zombie flick. Really looking forward to it. I don’t really want to do it documentary style, but it’s looking like that’s what I’ll have to work with. :/

  22. critic53

    i Am making a zombie movie for my high school class and i need the funniest wepon you can kill a zombie with

  23. im making 1 theres 2 people
    me and my cousin
    wat should our title be???

  24. charlie

    i’ll be creating my zombie movie kind of like the resident evil 1 but not exactly but yeah and i’ll invt a few friends and we’ll make it i’ll tell u when if any1 wants 2 see it…

  25. im 14 and i want to make a zombie movie,,,but i need music can anyone help me out? send me an email if interested

  26. drake sayre

    im making a zombie movie with my friends.Im 10

  27. Payson

    Hello, My name is Payson and I wanted share somethings with you guys.
    I am writer or I like to call myself that. I write novels and Scripts or Screenplays, I haven’t wrriten a novel yet but I plan to later on. Anyways I am here to say I have already started my own zombie movie. I am probley call it Left For Dead. I have 47 pages wrriten write now, I am shooting for about 65-100 pages. The plot is about two soldiers who are best friends that go to help out this other team of military troops in a road block witch goes all to hell they meet two other soldiers and are left in New york city to die. The main Idea is to create a good survival story along with action and horror. Please give your thoughts on this and any other comments if you want a sample of the script give me an email address and i will send a short sample of it. My email is [email protected] if you have any questions send them to my email thanks

  28. I’m making one called Earth is Hell. It started off as a mutant alien idea, but turned into a zombie movie. I’m a skilled artist and figured zombie make-up should be particularly easy. I know it has a good intro and the follow-up after intro. I have little money to work with and I need some with what props I need. Fake blood is easy to make. I talking bones sticking out of arms and hands. Another thing I need is a half-decent camera. i have one but quality is just so low it will look terrible. Sound quality is also really low. Music is very easy to work with. The classic music for zombies is metal, so Slipknot will do. Zombiephiles, any way to make easy money? I’m 15 so no job.

  29. DonRomero

    Hey Zombiephiles, you my friends have given me (as well as George Romero) the inspiration to make a zombie movie called ‘The Undead’. Problem is that I’m only 13 and have only 2 actors who want to make the flick but if you can could you give me some fundraising tips for makeup and a camera plz and thank u my browser price out.

  30. DonRomero

    Sorry my last comment was wierd. My playbook isn’t up to the slang terms. And what I meant to say was “Thank u my bros piece out.”

  31. Hey Don! I was actually going to start ending my comments with “thank u my browser price out!” It’s got a good ring to it.

    My advice for fundraising is to try “Kickstarter” – It’s a great way to “crowdsource” a movie or other project. Since you’re under 18, you’re definitely going to have to get your parents to give you a hand signing up for the site, but don’t let that stop you!

  32. Anybody got some good names for a zombie movie?
    I’ve been contemplating H.A.V.I.C.(after the name of the virus), Undead Uprising, and other really crappy names… How is it I have creativity in every other field except for names?
    Ideas, anyone?

  33. DonRomero

    Ok thank you.

  34. Soumendra

    Can anybody give me original horrible zombie/vampire movie scripts/stories/plots with which I can make a movie?

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