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The Zombie Whisperer [Book Review]

zombie-whisperer-book-steven-wedelThe Zombie Whisperer and Other Weird Tales by Steven E. Wedel is not strictly a zombie anthology, but rather a collection of four stories including two about the undead. Wedel did an incredible job of providing entertaining short stories for any horror fan, and I hope the author writes more zombie stories in the future. The two stories worthy of The Zombiephiles are The Zombie Whisperer and Dead Betty.

The Zombie Whisperer is about a man named Dr. Dragoon, who claims to be able to make a psychic connection with zombies. Jana, and her group of survivors, put the doctor to the test. In this apocalyptic scenario, greed is the driving force.

Dead Betty was some of the sickest, most graphic undead action that I’ve ever read, and I’ve read the Extreme Undead Collection by Armand Rosamilia. Do yourselves a favor, and skip eating before you read this story…calling it descriptive would be an understatement – just goes to show that you shouldn’t fuck around with the undead (pun intended).

I’m really glad that I picked up this collection, even if all the stories were not undead tales…still a great horror collection.


  1. Kephra

    That’s cool that you can enjoy stuff that isn’t the norm with zombies. Of everything you’ve read so far, what would you say has been your favorite?

  2. Oh man…that is a very difficult question to answer…I definitely enjoyed the Dying to Live series by Kim Paffenroth, as well as The Morningstar Saga by ZA Recht. I’ve also been enjoying the ongoing Dead series by TW Brown.

    I’m not sure I could pick one stand-alone novel as my favorite…I enjoy the zombie novels that don’t depend heavily on gore to carry the story. I prefer the stories with well-developed characters, and something more to the plot than simple survival.

    There are a lot of authors mixing sub-genres such as crime/drama/horror, and I’ve been enjoying those stories a great deal.

  3. Kephra

    Yeah, I think truly well devised character development isn’t just hard, it’s risky. I feel like the only way you can make characters real is to put a little of yourself in there. The more real the characters, the more the author exposes of themselves, and the bigger risks they take for the sake of the story.

    In that regard I kind of feel like the zombie genre has the foundation to be the most dangerous storytelling available, and yet somehow that’s not what we ever seem to get.

    I read your review for dreamlander… kinda feel like it could use some zombies… just sayin, lol. Sounds like one I’ll want to check out.

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