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The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview

WARNING!!! We’re about to bust some serious spoilers on you zombie fans, so if you haven’t watched The Walking Dead Season 2 finale yet, you’re definitely going to want to do that before you read the rest of this article!
The Walking Dead Season 3: The Prison, Michonne and Beyond

The Walking Dead’s Season 2 finale revealed some seriously tantalizing glimpses of what Season 3 of the Walking Dead is going to feature when it premieres in October, 2012, especially for fans of the zombie comic who’ve been wondering how far the show was going to stray from its source material. Among the shocking revelations: Season 3 is going to take place in the Prison, and Michonne is indeed going to make an appearance. Astute zombiephiles will realize, of course, that along with the Prison storyline will come The Governor, one of the baddest villains in the history of fiction.

Following the finale’s airing, casting details for The Walking Dead Season 3 revealed by the TV show’s insiders confirmed all of those suspicions, and gave us some faces to put to the characters and storylines we’re going to see next season.

The Walking Dead Season 3: The Prison

In an interview with MTV, Walking Dead executive producer Glen Mazzara confirmed that Season 3 will take place largely within the walls of the Prison, telling MTV that he considers this upcoming arc of the comic, and the characters introduced therein, to be “best material” they’ve had to work with so far.

When I think of ‘The Walking Dead’ book, I think about the prison. I think about the Governor. I think about Rick. I think about Michonne. That, to me, is the heart of that story…That’s what I’m excited about writing and seeing come to life. I think that this has been a great chapter one. But now we’re moving into our best material. I’m really excited to see what the actors, the writers and the directors can do with that material.

The Walking Dead's Prison, as glimpsed during the Season 2 finale

Executive Producer Robert Kirkman, upon whose award-winning comic book series the Walking Dead show is based, expressed similar anticipation about Season 3 of the show, which once again broke its own ratings records during Sunday’s finale.

When the camera rises over the trees and the prison comes into view, I did get a little choked up…It’s a really cool, very bold promise to the audience. To show that and to say, just wait until you see what we’re going to do with season three. I’m intimately involved with this show. So knowing what we’ve already discussed and knowing the different things that we want to do, I can say that we are at the very beginning of this show. We haven’t quite gotten to a lot of the big things we’ve been building to just yet. If you’re a big fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ and you enjoyed season one and season two, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

That’ll be good news for fans of the Walking Dead comic, many of whom complained that the storyline at the end of Season 1 and throughout the first half of Season 2 had deviated too far from the source material. Indeed, some had expressed doubt that the zombie show would ever get back on track, a problem that other book-to-TV adaptations have suffered from (True Blood and Dexter, we’re looking at you here).

So what else can we expect from Season 3 of the Walking Dead? Well, without giving too much away (since there are still a few zombiephiles out there who haven’t read the comic books yet), you can expect the introduction of two fascinating new characters, both of whom are guaranteed to take your breath away.

The Walking Dead Season 3: Michonne

We had a brief glimpse of one the series’ most iconic characters during the last few minutes of The Walking Dead season 2 finale when she saved a wayward Andrea from an ignominious stumble-death at the hands of a persistent walker. Although she was never named, her face was never revealed and she never spoke a single line, zombiephiles around the world leapt to their feet with one name on their lips: Michonne.

Pretty much the most badass entrance ever in the history of everything.

Her face obscured by a dark cowl, wielding a Japanese katana and towing two armless zombies in chains, Michonne silently dispatched Andrea’s pursuer and set our hearts racing with anticipation. For those of you who don’t know, Michonne is essentially the Walking Dead’s most badass, fucked-up, just plain batshit crazy heroine ever, and one that readers found simply unforgettable. We’re not sure how closely Season 3 is going to follow the comics, but if it’s even remotely close, this chick is going to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable to show on basic cable television.

The Walking Dead Season 3: The Governor

Speaking of what’s acceptable to show on basic cable television, the casting for The Walking Dead Season 3’s uber-villain has been revealed: The Governor will be played by none other than David Morrissey, the steamy Brit who won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Gordon Brown in 2003’s “The Deal” and later on the short-lived “Meadowlands.” Although we haven’t seen him on camera yet, we can only assume that he’s going to spend some serious prep-time in the makeup room before his premiere.

Take off the eyepatch, give him a haircut and the governor would probably look like a normal guy too.

We’ll be analyzing the Walking Dead Season 3 casting a lot between now and the October start date, but until then – what do you think, zombiephiles? Glad to see the show getting back on track with the comics or were you digging the zombieless human drama of Season 2? Stoked to see Michonne take on the Governor or worried that the show will tamp down the violence? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Robert De Los Santos

    Awesome show,has me on my toes every time i watch it . So many unxpected thing happen i find myself alway saying(i can believe it!).keep up the great work and continue to surprise us .P.S. i didnt know the story came from a comicbook i’ll be looking for them.

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