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The Official Zombie Handbook for the UK

The Official Zombie Handbook for the UK, the long-anticipated survival manual is now available at both and, and it’s a great addition to any zombiephile’s collection, regardless of where you live.

First, the author, Sean Page, addresses the controversy over the various types zombies within the horror genre, and defines a zombie as “a dead body that has been brought back to life by an as yet unidentified virus which leads to the body to behave in a low intelligent and cannibalistic way.” He emphasizes that the cause of an outbreak is not as important as keeping yourself alive. Beginning with the history of zombies and corresponding research, Page provides basic background information for those not already familiar with the field of “zombiology,” and walks readers through the science of zombie infection and transformation.

The UK guide quickly moves onto defense and disposal issues for varying levels of outbreaks, going so far as to address the concern that a zombie virus could spread from humans to animals. Readers are made aware of the tactical differences between land and water locations, while Page lays out the blueprint for his country’s national defense. He describes the complications that could arise if the UK government attempted a cover-up, illustrating this with a case study of one such incidence.

The most crucial section of this manual is Complete Zombie Defence (sic), which examines the barricades, provisions and skills required for a group’s survival. It tackles the who, what, why and how of the three main phases of the 90-day plan, taking lessons from past historical disasters, both man-made and natural, and including survivors with disabilities. There are a few diagrams, as well as a map of the UK, and critical details of every possible scenario are provided.

Get a copy soon – because there is no such thing as being too prepared!


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  2. Thanks for the review above – I picked up another decent one over on another horror blog…;u=1642;code=884d26f7be

  3. I’m running a competition to say thanks to all the people who’ve supported The Official Zombie Handbook UK, which reached No 1 here in the UK on Amazon in zombies & vampires over Christmas.

    I’ve put a fiendish pack together which I hope all zombies fans will like. It includes:-

    • A signed copy of The Official Zombie Handbook UK
    • A ‘brick yourself scary’ Zombie Handbook t-shirt
    • Some signed pages from the original script
    • A signed copy of Dead Worlds 7 which includes my mental story about the flying corpse
    • A few other bits thrown in like severed fingers that kind of thing
    • Some things I found in the loft to bulk up the prize
    If you’re interested, there isn’t a naff hard question – all you need to do is email me on the address below & say ‘I want that crappy prize’ or something similar.

    And don’t worry; I won’t be selling your email unless something offers me a purse of gold.

    Anyway, thanks for all the kind words folks have sent already. Email me at:- & say ‘I want your crappy’ prize.

    Believe me, you wear that t-shirt into work or school & people are going to think you are rock hard. I’ll do the draw at the end of the month.

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