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My Two Moans: Zombie Music

What is with the lack of zombie music? The zombie genre is so popular now a days, yet there is not alot of songs out there that are really based on zombies. Even Rob Zombie only has like 2 songs about zombies. The Zombies don’t have a single song about zombies.

I mean, fuck, they don't even LOOK like zombies. Except for that one guy in the back. He looks a bit zombieish.

Why would you call yourself “The Zombies” if you’re not going to release a single song based on your own band name? The Cranberries have that one song, which is kinda cool when she does that moaning thing… kinda reminds me of a zombie moan. Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller,” of course, comes to mind. Then there’s Insane Clown Posse’s numerous zombie songs, but what i want is one zombie-centric band I can go to when I want to get pumped up about zombie-slaying – a band that i can just pop into my tape deck and pull out my shotty when Z-Day comes around and start blasting away.

And before you even suggest it, Enya is NOT that band.

Can you imagine? Zombies start attacking your car, you pop in a song that sounds like Ice-T’s “Cop Killer”, but replace the word “Cop” with “Zombie”, pull out your favorite weapon, open the door and leave it open (so you can still hear your music) and stay effin them up. That would be completely awesome.

What is that one band? Is there such a band? Should I just make myself a mix? So many questions, so little time – ’cause z-day will be here soon!

You might be surprised to know that this isn't the first time we've contemplated the proper music for slaying zombies here on the Zombiephiles. For more zombie music ruminations, check out our list of the Five MUST-HAVE Zombie Survival Items (You'll Probably Never Think Of).


  1. Josella

    Conversely ChristianNOtSlater, The Irish band ‘The Cranberries’ never, to my knowledge, performed a song about fruit, yet did release ‘Zombie’ a Top Ten hit in the mid 1990’s:

  2. Josella

    Shit sorry just read your article again and noticed you did in fact mention The Cranberries. I’m ashamed for questioning your Zombie Music knowledge.

  3. Kempo

    Blood, Brains & Rock’N’Roll-Zombie Girl
    Dance music about zombies.

  4. Send More Paramedics are pretty much a Zombie band.

    They’re excellent live. Pretty much unlistenable on record, but excellent live.

  5. Kookaburra

    ┬┤Travelling in a fried out combie
    on a hippie trail head full of zombie┬┤

    Men at Work – Down Under

  6. Josella Chrysalids-Harris-MacArthur

    It’s (love) savage and it’s cruel and it shines like destruction
    Comes in like the flood and it seems like religion
    It’s noble and it’s brutal, it distorts and deranges
    And it drenches you up and you’re left like a zombie

    Love is a Stranger by The Eurythmics

    Can anybody find a more profound love/zombie analogy? I’d be surprised.

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