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Living With the Dead – A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Blog!

When we think about zombies, we usually think about zombie movies first, zombie books second, and zombie video games third. Those of us who are pretty hardcore zombiephiles will occasionally then think about comics (because there are a goodly number of excellent zombie comics out there). Those of us who are seriously, seriously obsessed with zombies might even think about some of the zombie-themed music out there.

But when it comes to zombie blogs (besides this one, of course), many zombiephiles are still in the dark. Josh Guess, creator of Living With the Dead, isn’t one of those zombiephiles. He’s created a continuing zombie fiction blog that chronicles life after the arrival of the undead, and it’s a lot of fun to read. With alarming frequency, Josh chronicles the gritty details of the zombie apocalypse, with storylines that draw together and peak out in mini-climaxes every so often.

It’s a pretty awesome concept, and one that reminds us of our Z-Day experiment last year, where we organized thousands of Twitterers and simulated what a zombie outbreak might look like on Twitter. Where that experiment lasted just a day, though, Josh has been blogging from the land of the zombies for quite some time now, and he’s showing no signs of stopping.

If you’re interested in Zombie stuff that’s outside of the beaten track, stuff that makes you kind of sit up and say, “Hey, now, that’s different,” then Living With the Dead is definitely worth checking out. This week? Josh discovers that the employees of Google have survived the outbreak and have transformed the legendary Google complex into a zombie-proof fortress. Sound awesome? It is.


  1. You find all the good zombie stuff!

  2. Dude, you are so my hero right now!

  3. What an awesome discovery. I, too, am a bit of a zombiephile, although my current fear is hyper-intelligent animals.

  4. Hi, I write, direct, and produce this growing comedic zombie web series called Zombie Hunter. While everyone else tries hard to actually prepare for Z-day, I spend my time creating insane zombie scenarios for the enjoyment of making others laugh.

    Zombie Hunter is a mockumentary that follows a self-acclaimed, and self-certified, and “professional” zombie hunter as he goes into infested territory, follows-up on leads, and exploits products designed to ensure survival during the crisis.

    Here is a link to the episodes:

    Right now the series has four insane episodes with plenty more on their way.

    It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out.

  5. yeah! learning about zombies is indeed fun. My 12 year old son has actually influenced me in watching zombie movies which I also found very interesting.

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