horror movie poster - I am LegendI Am Legend, the movie adaptation of Richard Matheson’s classic vampire survival novel opened in theaters last week to resounding success – but many readers of the book were left asking themselves, “What happened to the vampires?”

It would seem that the long, rotting arm of the zombie is reaching far beyond its genre. I Am Legend featured creatures that looked more like zombies than vampires – and acted that way, too.

Long gone seem the slow, shambling zombies of George Romero’s day – now every Zombie we see seems to feel the need to top the one before it, and so zombies just keep getting faster and faster, more and more agile. It’s no wonder that I Am Legend chose to meet zombies and vampires halfway in the middle – zombie movies are trending toward the kind of creatures we see in I Am Legend anyway.

We Zombiephiles feel that it’s time this trend stopped! Zombies are zombies, and vampires are vampires. Zombies belong in zombie movies, and vampires belong…well, we won’t share how we feel about most vampire movies.

The point is, the Zombie, and the central lore of zombieness, should be considered as set in stone, irrevocable, immutable and unchangeable. It’s movies like 28 Days Later that had to come along and “up the ante” on zombie movies – like that even needed doing.

Join us in our stand against fast, agile zombies! We demand the return of slow, shambling, brain-craving re-animated corpses, not virus-infected, flesh-eating cannibals! Zombiephiles of the world, unite!

  1. Nerserus

    actually, i say virus infected and flesh eating is ok. But
    running i agree with i mean come on! How do rotting corpses run THAT fast? some are more athletic than other people!

  2. wanderer

    I do agree they should have left them as vampires, because in the book some of the most interesting parts where when he was trying to find out if the legends against vampries really did work on what he was going up againts. LIke the crossing water, the cross, etc. There was some interesting theory behind a lot of that which made the story that much better for me.

    as far as movies go, the movie wasnt terrible.. but it will probably annoy the hell out of you if you liked the book.

  3. gruzzag

    Zombies only want one thing, and that is to eat humans.
    Its what drives them and if they can run they will and fast, they wont be stopped because they are out of breath or whatever, they want to eat and thats it. However i do agree that zombies should be shambling and let some other creature run the shit out of you.

  4. mark

    I am Legend is [b]not[/b] a zombie film it’s vampires, the back of the book even says so and I quote “An SF novel about [b]vampires[/b]… Robert Neville is the last living man on Earth… but he is not alone. Ever oyher man, woman and child on the planet has become a [b]vampire[/b] and they are hungry for Neville’s blood”
    I couldn’t care less what holywood’s tried to trick people into thinking it’s a god forsaken vampire film and book and will be until Richard Matheson re-writes the book.

  5. I don’t think the creatures in I Am Legend are either zombie or vampire. I just see them as grossly disfigured victims of a virus. The dog, Sam, was a victim of the virus, but wouldn’t be considered a zombie or a vampire.

  6. I think that the going trend of the faster, strong, rageful zombies is just society’s form of evolution. Thanks to the growing number of zombie fans, who in turn write “What I Would Do During a Zombie Attack”, the writers have to come up with ways to keep them on their toes. In the end, its the same underlying theme: Zombies/Vampiers/Monsters seemingly wipe out the human race as you know it, and you (the protagonist) must find a way to survive/adapt against the hordes while certain death is just one bite/scratch/cut/contact away.

    BTW: I too have compiled the “The Zombie Outbreak Protocol” The step-by-step guide to not only surviving a zombie outbreak, but ensuring the survival of humankind. It breaks down the steps from the 1st hour, to the 3rd hour, to the 6th hour, and so on. I’d like to see what other zombie experts think? http://zombie-protocol.blogspot.com/ or better yet, digg it: http://digg.com/odd_stuff/The_Zombie_Outbreak_Protocol_Save_Yourself_and_Humanity

  7. Doctor Spud

    Tell you the truth, when you think about it, the creatures weren’t even zombies. If you had LISTENED to the goddarn movie, you would have known better than to even dare call them zombies. They are just infected people, not re-animated corpses. They ARE NOT ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!! They are just infected freaks. The virus may have caused them to run faster, become stronger, and have the taste of flesh. And, even without watching 28 Days Later, I know that they only INFECT people and turn them into sphychos. Not zombies. My friends, zombies are things that RISE FROM THE GRAVE. I Am Legend is about infected people that a man is trying to cure.

  8. Wow, Spud…you’re so right…and we’re all so wrong…WE’RE NOT WORTHY!

  9. Doctor Spud

    Yes, I am right. Indeed.

  10. McCulley is legend

    Agree with Dr. Spud…these things were humans with their adrenal glands stuck in the open position (check out the Wiki page on the movie for my source on this…from the director and screenwriter). So they had tons of energy, always hyperventilated, and were allergic to the sun (that must have been a gimick to keep Will Smith safe in the daylight so he could drive his Mustang around). Nope, not zombies. Thank goodness…zombie movies tend to suck anyway.

  11. but i like genre criss-crossing, plus-the creatures in I Am Legend scared the bejesus out of me, so it did its job!

  12. tehother

    wow you people are so dumb its definitely a vampire movie because of there tremendous speed and they cant go into the light wow

  13. cyberdaemon

    These things were called Darkseekers, DVD subtitles refers to them as hemocytes.They are nothing to do with zombies.If you want to return to original zombies, let me remind you – original zombies were nothing to do with Romero style flesh eating rotten “un”dead either.Stories of zombies originated in the West African spiritual belief system of voodoo, which told of the people being controlled as laborers by a powerful wizard.Sounds more like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, than Romero.Check-mate.
    In fact, every “undead” creature in movies is modern invention, that differs from the original ancient beliefts.At least as much as cow differs from the car. And saying that “Wow, Spud…you’re so right…and we’re all so wrong…WE’RE NOT WORTHY!” is bullshit.If you are wrong, it doesnt render you worthless.It just means you are wrong.Why to turn into such an absolutes.Either im 100% right and worthy and you are there force 0% right and absolutely worthless or the opposite.No gray tones in the middle.
    Last of all, there is no such thig as “right” conspect of zombie.There is as many different ideas and variations to this thing, as there is different views.Everyone has different conspect.Anything, that even remotely reminds Romero version of zombies, doesn’t have to be turned into these.
    I personally hate most zombie movies, Romero or not.Thats because living people often act more stupid, than theyr rotting enemies.And military is always incompetent idiots.

  14. chris

    Come on do you really consider that the monsters in 28 days later and I am legend ZOMBIES? I just want a yes or no.

  15. Matthew

    I think a mix of slow, rotting zombies as well as new, fresh and fast zombies is good. As well as crawling almost completly decomposed zombies.

  16. saul

    Well zombies in 28 days later can run because they never died.

  17. steven

    The creatures in I Am Legend were clearly vampire from the get-go, every trait they had showed reflected that. Sensitive to light, drawn to blood, highly intelligent (took out helicopter with multiple host, reversed vehicle trap on Smith, etc.)

    Running zombies, as (I dearly hope) many of you know, are referred to as the Rage form. This was the type many people were getting confused over, as they represented well enough, the vampires seen in I Am Legend. And for those saying “how does a corpse run that fast?” remember that Rage forms are not dead, but infected. They still have the strenght and flexibility of a living organism, yet the ability to ignore pain and limitations, therefore they can run as fast as they do.

    I won’t go into discussion on the other two forms, since you should already know them. I simply wanted to clear the reasoning behind what/why running zombies are/exist.

  18. DJ

    They are vampires in I Am Legend. They can’t enter the sunlight and they don’t eat people.

    In 28 Days Later, they are not zombies. At all. They are alive (tend to die via starvation) and they merely kill people, NOT eat them.

    Zombies aren’t particularly difficult to figure out, even if “altered.” Neither creatures from 28 Days Later or I Am Legend strike me as having zombie qualities – perhaps in appearance, at best.

    I don’t get why that’s so hard to understand.

  19. Vampires have one thing in common. I mean they vary a lot from book to movie to comic however one thing is always their main trait. They suck blood. The creatures in the film I Am Legend do not, so in no way are they vampires,

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