Tammy from Fido.

horror movie - hot zombie - 2horror movie - hot zombie - 2Fido is ultimately a movie about the relationships possible between human and zombie; nowhere is this more apparent than the relationship between Mr. Theopolis and his zombie girlfriend, Tammy. Played masterfully by real-life hottie Sonja Bennett, Tammy is the kind of girlfriend every zombie wishes he had. Tammy scores major points over Number Nine (listed above) since she doesn’t actually feel the need to consume human flesh – typically a good trait in a significant other.

Anna Falchi in Cemetery Man.

horror movie - hot zombie - 1Anna Falchi is the hottest zombie that nobody’s ever seen. The female lead in 1994’s Cemetery Man, Anna Falchi (an Italian supermodel) was smokin’ hot before, during, and after becoming Rupert Everett’s flesh-eating zombie girlfriend. In fact, she may be one of the only women who actually looked hotter as a zombie than she did as a regular woman (although she’s UBER hot all by herself).

Even Rupert Everett wanted on, and he's gay!

Even Rupert Everett wanted on, and he's gay!

With her naughty body, craving for man-meat and penchant for wardrobe malfunctions, Anna Falchi is, definitively, the Zombiephiles’ hottest hottie. Apparently casting supermodels as zombies is a good move for zombie movies. In fact, we’d like to see more sexy zombies, and we firmly hope that the zombie movie industry sits up and takes note.


resident-evil-milla-jovovichThe title of hottest zombie was contested, with rival Milla Jovovich ultimately being disqualified for non-zombie status. The judges determined that although Jovovich was infected with the zombie virus, its manifestation as matrix-style wire-fu as opposed to mindless brain-craving disallowed her admittance to the Zombiephiles’ 5 Hottest Zombie Hotties. Had she been allowed to participate, she would undoubtedly have placed at #1.

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  1. Leo

    I feel the phrase “I’d hit it” is apt here. Except it would have to be “I’d hit it… in the head with a shovel.”

  2. Drew Campbell

    I think you missed the boat… Melinda Clark has to be the #1 (well, Anna Falchi… hmmm…) hottest zombie chick ever on film…


  3. IllTemperedCur


    Linnea Quigley as “Trash” in Return of The Living Dead.


  4. J

    Seriously. Melinda Clarke in Return of the Living Dead III should not only be up there but she deserves a list within a list about all the reasons why. She played the bad-asszombie girlfriend in the almost Romeo and Juliet-esque movie (exept better, because hey, she was a zombie, so they actually had something to get worked up over) which was back up to par with the original in a way that made me almost forget about the awful 2nd one.

  5. Loki

    Maybe it’s just me but my vote is on Michell Rodriguez Form R.E.

  6. Mufasa

    i like the monster nurses. and the fact they they were all cheerleaders is even better…. they work out alot to keep tight. with tight nurse miniskirts on. oooooo

  7. The sign of a good zombie flick is when they get the chain saws out, in Boy eats girl they go one step better with the tractor mounted hedgerow trimmer. Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. SAS

    What about the Redhead from Return of the Living Dead.

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