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Survival of the Dead Movie Trailer

When we heard that zombie grandfather George Romero was making a new zombie movie, we pooed ourselves, a little bit. Survival of the Dead is Romero’s latest zombie horror movie, about residents off the coast of the USA who battle zombies while holding out hope for a cure for their relatives. You can check it out in the Survival of the Dead movie trailer:

Like all Romero zombie movies, the Survival of the Dead movie is likely to be rife with social criticism – that’s what made Romero, and zombie movies in general, so great. We’ve heard reports that Survival of the Dead has received standing ovations from screening audiences, and that only makes us want to watch it more. Until it comes out we’ll have to make do with the Survival of the Dead movie trailer.


  1. Tom of the Dead

    If I may, i would like to recommend a different kind of zombie movie. One with class, yet the funniest parts I’ve seen in a while. The movie is a Norwegian zombie movie called Dead Snow. Since many of you probably don’t know what Dead Snow (Død Snø) is, here’s an explanation of this Norwegian movie’s plot courtesy of IMDB:

    A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of medical students, as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies.

    Sure, it’s not a deep plot, but what do you expect from a zombie movie? You’re watching this for laughs and seeing zombies splattered across the screen in new and interesting ways, not for life-changing revelations!

    Here is the trailer

  2. Right on Tom

    Dead Snow was a really good movie, funny at times and brutal at other times. A very good zombie movie overall and I’m very stingy when it comes to giving zombie movies good reviews. Another surprise movie that I really enjoyed was “PontyPool”. This movie takes place in a small Canadian town. A strange virus begins to spread…but the way the virus spreads is what is really interesting. Most of the movie takes place within a radio station so when the reports start coming in of people going insane and mauling each other you’re imagination begins to go wild. Check it out, you’ll really like it.

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