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Zombie Weapon Guide – Zombie Armor on a Budget!!!

Now, I know lots of you read last week’s Zombie Weapon Guide – Ten Zombie Slayin’ Weapons You Already Own – I hope you’ve got your zombie weapons already selected, because the zombie outbreak is right around the corner.

This week we’re coming back to zombie defense and zombie weapons, but from a different angle – Armor against zombies. You didn’t think yer buddy Chester was gonna send you out there buck naked, didja? I scoured Grandma and Uncle Ned’s place this week and I’ve come up with a pretty good list of zombie armor for the zombie weapon guide.

The Ace Bandage.

horror movie - zombie defense - 10Found in the homes of athletes everywhere. Ace bandages make better defense against zombies than you’d think – they can fill in the in-between spaces in your zombie armor and affords moderate protection from the bites of zombies without cramping your mobility.

Football Pads.

horror movie - zombie defense - 9Relive your glory days. For zombie defense, athletic pads like football, rugby, or hockey can be useful, protecting against zombie bites and allowing you to get up close and personal with the zombies. For best results, avoid Goalie equipment – it’s bulky and makes it hard to run from zombies.


horror movie - zombie defense - 8They may not look like much, but knee-length Gaiters, essentially sleeves for your legs, can protect you against not only the constant Zombie threat (high quality gaiters are cut resistant and may stop bites from zombies) but they keep your feet nice and dry – believe me, the only thing worse than zombies is zombies when you have trench foot.

Paintball Neck Guard.

horror movie - zombie defense - 7You’ve seen zombie movies – you know where zombies always bite you. In the neck. Don’t be zombie food, man – wear some neck protection, like a paintball neck guard. Alternately, motorcycle helmets with neck protection may also work, but may restrict mobility.

Motorcycle / Motorbike Body Armor.

horror movie - zombie defense - 6Look, it’s a zombie apocalypse, not a fashion show. This motorcycle body armor affords excellent mobility and heavy padding to get you back on the bike and away from those zombies.

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  1. The last entry, tactical body armor, seems like the worst in this otherwise excellent article. The armor protects, with almost supernatural accuracy, precisely the parts of the body you wouldn’t expect a ghoul to have access to. Better to go with a mesh shark suit ( Without the neoprene underneath (which would only be an added layer for long teeth, which zombies don’t have), this is a light, breathable suit that provides great protection to the entire body. It’s like the kitchen glove that you already mention, but for the entire body. Combine that with a good pair of high leather boots and the aforementioned kitchen gloves, and you’re fairly zombie-resistant. I’d say you were zombie-proof, but we should all know there is no such thing…

  2. Wow…a true Zombiephile. We must admit to having never even considered shark mesh. It’s like a kitchen glove for your body. Nice call.

    Is it as light out of the water as it is in the water? If so, I’d vote for replacing #1 with the sharksuit.

    And now that I think about it, aquatic zombie combat is another realm altogether deserving of consideration – traditional tactics and equipment go right out the window and the shark suit might well prove invaluable.

    Nice call Steve!

  3. I just wanted to say what an awesome article (and web site) this is! Keep up the good work, there aren’t enough zombie web sites out there.

    Also, I’ve written a couple zombie articles myself:

    6 Steps To Preparing For The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

    The Advantages Of A Zombie Armageddon

    I’m also going to link to your web site. Oh, and I clicked on all your ads, hopefully you’ll get a little bit of money from it! :)

  4. andraios

    would not a simple pair of thick leather work gloves be more than adequat than a pair of kitchen mitts?

  5. Jonno

    I see a part of the body everyone has neglected… the face, you could have as much armor as you want, but what happens when you get zombie blood in your eyes or mouth, you get infected and you then turn into a zombie in armor, so to combat this you need some sort of goggles and one of those mouth cover things they have in a hospital or building site.

  6. Well in my opinion for the whole face thing, a paintball mask would work adequately, as long as you had a helmet over it (kind of like a darth vader thing).

  7. Yoni Wolf

    I think a paintball mask with a helmet also would cover the whole face/head issue. You know like a Darth Vader esque thing)

  8. glc

    Didn’t really read any of the posts, but for a zombie attack my plan of action would be to wear a wet suit and a helmet. And give me a weapon that would just cave in their heads. You can’t beat that combo. Wetsuit and helmet

  9. Tattooed

    As someone who uses the tactical body armor on a regular basis. I will have to agree with it being number one. One thing you should mention is that there are “sleeves” you can buy that slide over your arms and legs that are made from cut/stab or in this case bite resistant Kevlar. You could even use this to replace the ace bandage. Check it out here

    And here is a link for a Kevlar neck protector

  10. RazorbackX

    Tactical Body armor is great for stopping bullets. However it’s hot, limits your flexibility, is heavy and hastens fatigue. There are better things to stop biting gnashing teeth. I recommend good quality athletic equipment.

  11. kooter

    glc said he’d use a wetsuit.

    Have you ever worn a full wetsuit? Out of water, those those things heat up FAST. You may be safe from bites, but only until you pass out from dehydration.

  12. rugger

    not really a major issue, but in #9 rugby pads are mentioned… in rugby the only padding really allowed is a scrum cap which is basically 1/4″ of foam. probably not all that useful for anything other than avoiding mild concussion. wouldn’t be worth the time finding one as at least in the states they arent incredibly common in sporting goods stores.

  13. Chris

    Just head down to the museum and grab yourself a suit of armor totally zombie resistant but your screwed if you get pushed over.

  14. Disco Stu

    Depressing thought of the day: once I’m all suited up in all this gear, particularly the tactical body armor, I’m sure that I’ll prob do something stupid to screw up. Then after I’ve gotten myself zombified. Well, sorry bro, but I’ll be that much more of a pain in your as, cuz now you got a fully-armored zombie problem. Imagine a whole roit squad of zombies, that you can’t shoot.

    Guess the only solution is gotta eat a grenade as you go down. Yup, pretty much a downer.

  15. MajMike


    Don’t worry too much, Kevlar helmets won’t stop a direct hit by a round, not to mention the throat is still vulnerable and that will take out the spine too.


    I have started to collect machetes for the zombie threat happens and also joined a shooting club to get better at shooting which I am already good at I learnt that machetes where the best for zombies beside samurai swords but where would you get a real one any how because most are copies and made with crappy metal.


    also weapon collecting aint easy in australia

  18. Really? They always make it seem easy in movies like Undead

  19. Tyler Moore

    you know the best weapon against zombies is nothing. simply tight clothes and shortly cropped hair (1 in. or less) is all you need. zombies have a huge lack of dexterity and speed so you don’t need to worry about them catching you. the only practical use for armor would be in battle. and what happens if it is a prolonged battle? why risk exhaustion and dehydration. the only thing I like in this article was the Gaitors. those will provid defenc where it is important. on a limb. a zombie isn’t going to bite into your torso or chest cavity. so the football pads uptop arent worth anything. if you MUST have armor I recomend chainmail. a very breathable suit. or alternatively (I think someone mentioned it above) a shark suit. a REAL chainmail suit would be hard to find, as they are usually made with lower quality metals because they are generally used for theatrical purposes. the shark suits are made of wrought Iron or Titanium and are fairly light. and easy to get around in. some other person decided to mention a face covering. there was a reason that was left out. it’s a bad idea. the chances of zombie blood landing on your head, let aloe mouth or eyes, are slim. why impede your vision over something like that? and even if you do magically get it in your mouth or eyes. (unless you have any open mouth sores) you can easily spit it out (mouth only ;D) if you accidentaly swallow it, don’t worry about being a zombie who just happens to have chainmail, it’s toxic and you will simply DIE. aside from that, when the Solanum infects the brain ALL bodily functions shut down. the brain becomes an independant organ. which is why destroying that is the only way to kill one. the lungs do however keep pumping air in and out of the lungs giving the distinctive moan. getting back to the point. since the heart would be shut down, the blood viens would be full of blood that isn’t moving. it would congeile and be unlikely (unless explosives are used) that ANY blood would get on you. I don’t know what else is being missed here because I already saw this ONE article, but most of it seemed pretty useless. the paintball neck guard might help, but a zombie is ever-determined and won’t quit. it can tear through most things because of this. (eventually of course) somebody said “gimme something to cave in their head”. I wonder what he had in mind because the human head is one of the stronest surfaces in nature. I recomend a crow bar. it isn’t heavy, has the power to crush said skull, won’t get in the way, has enough range to ensure some saftey (close quarters is never prefered) and has other uses (prying open doors or crate that may have supplies) if anybody has some questions you can reach me at if you have any more ZOMBIE based questions. it may take a while because I don’t often check my E-mail. :P

  20. damien

    Vectran is a wonderful high-tech fabric that is absolutely ideal against bite and slash attacks. No need for chainmail – go for a vectran jumpsuit – I believe some sharkshuits are now made from vectran.

    For head protection an ice-hocket helmet with faceshield would be excelent – good visibility, good ventilation, and tons of protection against zombie attacks. Some of them come with neck and throat protection for goalies, and youd need to improvides something to protect the back of the neck.

  21. yukikaze

    dont forget that you have to be able to see in the dark that why i brought a good night vision device at a good price its called a night cougar. the night cougar is a twin goggled device that fits on your head hands free so if running or fighting at night its perfect. a even better one to get if you can is thermal goggles and also dont forget to get a night scope for your firearm.(silencers are good as well).I cant get thermal vision in my country. Which i dont know why.

  22. yukikaze

    the best zombie defence is a book done by max brooks it tells you what to do how to prepare what you would need what weapons are best and what building are best that would withstand zombies attack. Also it tells what enviroment that would be good for surviving a zombie attack. Also what classes there there are. There are four classes. Four is the worst that could happen. That is a global infestation of zombies.

  23. Tyler Moore

    did no one listen? Vectran isn’t a bad sounding Idea. but a jumpsuit is cumbersome no matter what. if you could get some comfortable, tight fitting clothes made of the stuff then you would be good. especially gloves that cover the fore-arms.everything else is a bad idea. thermal? you must be joking. they have no body heat. there bodily functions sease. wearing the thermal would only mask their presence. again, head and face protection is not necessary. if anything did get on your face, it would just kill you, not turn you into a zombie. but since the blood is congealed and won’t splatter everywhere (or any where for that matter, you have the same chance making a zombie bleed as you would have making a tree bleed) so there is little danger anyway. using explosives might make a mess, but who would be stupid enough to not cover their face and everything anyways? who will face an explosion with their eys and mouth open (this is granted they are close enough for that to matter, if they are at a safe distance in the first place, it’s irrelevant) I really think everyone should at least READ the max brooks zombie survival guide. it is so well thought out in explaining everything. and what it doesn’t explain, it leaves you with enough information to figure out on your own. night vision is iffy. it might help, sure. but there isn’t much point in travelling at night, since they are naturally better night fighters than us. they rely on all their sense EQUALLY so they will still hear you, smell you and possibly still see you, before you see them, with or without night vision goggles. just set up a camp (no fire dumby!) and have a person keep watch. if your travelling by yourself your a moron in the first place, and it’s your own fault. if anyone suggests going on their own “hand them a gun with one bullet in it, and say it’s an easier way of commiting suicide” (From zombie survival guide) buy the book their if you can’t find it in a library or something. sorry that my posts are so long, but I don’t like to come back and correct myself later. I just do everything at once.

  24. yukaze

    Im only saying the thermal vision is for other humans that come to your compound because not all humans will be friendly. There will be pirates bandits. And you will need to see them in the dark because they will try and take what you have because night time is the perfect attack time.

  25. yukikaze

    And night vision goggles are good to use instead of torches because anyone and anything can see a torch human and zombie. Radios are also good so walkie talkies would help you keep in contact with your group at the base and on zombie killing and supply hunting missions. Because you will want to keep in contact incase you need backup.

  26. Victor Konker

    Sure, nobody wants to get bitten or clawed. But zombies are going to use blunt force trauma as well. You need some padding to absorb that. A zombie will strike without any sense of pain or worry about breaking its own hands or arms and it’ll be swinging with a force not typical of a human combatant. We all appreciate you taking steps against bites so you won’t turn into one of them, but if you’re one of the good guys, we don’t want you dying of a bruised heart, punctured lung or cracked skull.

  27. Tyler Moore

    the thing is that any blunt force caused by said zombie will not be placed in any effective manner. of course, you probably deserve to die if you were stupid enough to get yourself surrounded in the first place. realistically, you really only need to keep away, no armor that will hinder you.

  28. Donald Rump

    Heh heh – awesome post! Dunno about the motorcycle armor, but funny!

  29. Mister T

    For face protection use motorcycle helmet, cut holes in visor and duct tape to fit a gasmask for protection against an airborne zombie virus.

  30. Grimmm

    Okay, we all the best armor for a zombie invasion is simple. A tight compact ninja suit… with a gas mask and ninja mask… What weapon you say? a simple Spas- 12 Shot gun If you dont have one… You need one!

  31. yukikaze

    the gun I suggest you use is the heckler and koch g 11 but they would be extremly hard to get because its a military gun and I dont think even any american gun nut can get one sorry about saying that its just that they be on the restricted list

  32. Jesus

    haha jonno and steve made some good points :D

  33. Parker Xyle

    listen, it might be tomorrow it might be in the next year, so for now, get some of this that will protect you. I think that it will happen in this year or the next, I’m not very sure so for now I’ve been developing armour made of chain mail and steel. my best bet is this because that shark armour stuff, like on that shark attack episode of fantasy factory, is chain mail and steel is already bullet proof for some cases and obviously bite proof. my design is sort of like a HEV suit version-ish type of armour. E-mail me if you want.

  34. Jesus

    TRUE, the stupid robbers, looters and some anoyying people are as dangerous as the zombies :/

  35. tylor

    me and my team (8 of my best friend and family) would have some modified Damascus Gear FlexForce riot gear on hand, they are made to stop blunt force and stabs. any one in good physical shape can run a ways out of trouble with them. and yukikaze and Grimmm both the g11 and Spas- 12 are illegal to own now in the us, and they are both out of production so it would be hard to smuggle it in. i would go a Beretta 92FS pistol, a Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine, and a ruger 556 assault rifle with red dot sight. but thats just me…

  36. The_Hooligan

    My helmet offers up to level IIIA protection. It stops rounds. I also have a ballistic face mask. Together they cover the head and face entirely. Ballistic neck guards are also available. The stab/slash proof protectors are even cheaper. As for arm and chest armor I have a vanson kevlar mesh riding jacket with hard armor. ZOMBIES were once human remember? And rapidly decaying to boot. So anything you’d want to field against human attackers (especially multiple attackers i.e.riot suit) would be a good choice. Complete that with tall boots and kevlar riding pants and youre ready to go. These garments are light, breathable, and flexible. Ive lived in these things for days at a time at bike shows in high summer. For weapons I already own the Kriss cbr/so with 16″ barrel, collapsible stock, surefire E1b with momentary switch, laser sight, and 30 rd mags. Glock 21 for a side arm. The Kriss uses Glock 21 mags and both are chambered in .45. Bring it! My B.O.B. is ready to go. lol

  37. jbraff

    Uh bullcrap slim chance of getting zombie blood in ur mouth. When i was 14 me and my brother were home alone and the dogs were barking like crazy. So we went out to see what it was all the guns were locked up in my parents room so i grabbed a baseball bat it was a rabid coon i blasted it in the head 4 times before it died when i got inside i looked in the mirror and i had blood splatter all over my face and tasted some in my mouth i had to get shots and tested for rabes not fun at all my guess for a good zombie weapon would be a simple shotgun with large rounds if need be and u have to hit them up close for the love of god turn ur head right before you connect to keep from getting most of the blood spray away from ur mouth and face also it makes me crazy when i hear people talking about grenade launchers and machine guns unless ur a special collector ur not gonna have one so keep it simple with a shotgun as many rounds u can carry on a amo belt and some kind of blunt object or blade a machette would work perfect for a clean cut forget the body armor to much work and to much money u need to kill the bastards not impress them with ur fashion about the only thing i would recomend is something to protect yours eyes and face period.

  38. @ Chester: Good ideas, more or less!
    @ Tyler Moore: While I agree with just about ever thing you say, we also need to keep in mind that Max Brook’s zombies may not be the one we’re facing, what with the government labs developing biological weapons. They could modify mad cow, for example, and blood would still flow freely through the zombies’ veins. Also, when doing battle, being surrounded is never good, but if you’re in a truck being chased, melee weapons (like crow bars, pick axes, and hedge clippers can be effective if you have taken the time beforehand to practice with them :) Otherwise, I’m taking a lot of your advice into account
    @yukaze: clear out an underground and destroy the entrances (a good place is a univeristy: play loud music from speakers in a truck to clear most of them (let them chase the vehicle to somewhere else) then clear the rest out manually and then seal up most of the entrances. Then, spread looter trash just everywhere, maybe throw a few broken guns in the yard. Make it look abandoned.
    @Victor Konker: astute point, thank you.

  39. The Slaya

    u guys ever tried biting through duct tape+ your average pair of blue jeans? its amazing defecnse that anyone can make in an half an hour. Just make sure you dont cover your joints because its extremely agile in the flexibilty sense.

  40. Abby1989

    Have any of you ever gotten laid? Probably not.

  41. no abby1989 none of them have. this is fucking pathetic.

  42. Beanlady13

    How long does it take for zombies to deteriorate? My group and I would just find a good building, probably one in a rural area, that had three or more floors above ground, and check it out. If it was safe, we would block all the entrances except for fire exits, knock out the first floors stairs, and stockpile everything we had on the second to top floor. We would have a greenhouse on the roof, and grow the other foods we would need. Then, we would go out on occasional searches, leaving some of us behind to defend the main building, making sure everyone stayed close. we would rig up a ladder to send up the food, and have a signal to send to the group that stayed behind.

  43. PaladinZombieHunter

    Ive read all the posts here, and one thing I can agree on is the chance of a biological epidemic. With as much time and money the U.S. Government has spent on biological weapons (when Nixon ended the program in 1961 the budget was $300 million annually) there is a theoretical chance of an outbreak or controlled testing. I have read some of the Zombie Survival Guide book and the prominent idea is to simply hole up and avoid any/all zombie contact all together, but should the day come that one comes in contact with a biologically enhanced sub-creature its safe to say some precautions should be taken. As far as safe guarding yourself against an unanticipated zombie encounter I have a few questions and suggestions. I’ve worked as a leather smith for a few years and have studied leather armors. I’ve wondered why wearing a lightweight chainmail under a medium weight leather isn’t mentioned. Simply wearing a chainmail top to cover the torso with leather armor over key areas of the body would suffice and be lightweight enough to protect in close combat and provide the wearer freedom of movement. Please give me your feedback as far as leather armor protection. Thanks.

  44. PaladinZombieHunter

    Here’s a couple links to my suggestions for armor. Chainmail
    leather armor I particularly like this design due to the neck protection.

    I borrowed these pics from different sources and give full credit to the providers. I simply used these pics to portray my ideas.

  45. NinjaZombieHunter

    Just want to say, If the Zombie Virus is airborne we are all F**ked at that point. All you Really need is Tactical Gear like Uniform and a Molle and your good. And something to Cover your face.

  46. Lobo

    Beanlady13 is right. zombies would soon deteriorate and will start to decompose because they are dead. even in 24 hrs, dead body would start to deteriorate and the eyes goes first thus making zombies blind. if this will ever happen, i would suggest to find a very good place to hide and fortify it. be sure to have a good supply of water and food to last a month or two. even if it is a different kind of zombie like in the movie “28 Days Later,” which are not dead people but people got infected by a rage virus, that kind of zombie will simply die of hunger(a week or so). their mind was so badly damaged by the virus where all they feel is rage and nothing more. even though you are well geared, armor and weapons, you will still be overwhelmed by a score or more of zombies attacking you. if u live in a city, escaping out of the city is almost impossible. your ammunitions would probably run out or you will be too exhausted from running, fighting and avoiding zombies.

    one good place to go is in the rooftops. take all the food, water, medicine, camping gears, barricading and weapons. if possible, destroy the steps going to the roof top. barricade the door. your true enemy in this situation is the elements. thats where the camping gears and stuff will help. roof top is also a good place to be spotted by rescue copters.

    i dont think zombies can swim, if u live near the beach or river, try to get a boat. get into the boat and just sail/drive/row your boat not far from the beach and go out of the city that route. we dont want to get lost in the sea especially if u dont have navigational skills.

    but in truth, i dont think anyone is really prepared if zombie apocalypse will really happen,… maybe the paranoid ones(people who believes that it will happen very soon) are, but they are most likely to live longer than us. first thing we really need to prepare is our bodies. need to be physically fit to do the initial escape from zombies, ha ha ha! but it is true, avoiding them by running, stealth runs and fighting them is the first thing first thing to do before doing the suggestions i made on top.

  47. ZombieZapps

    An M1Garand has a stock hard enough so that it will not break when you take someone’s head of with it, so when you shoot all 8 rounds and dont have any more ( you cant load it until you shoot all 8) you can swing that sucker and take someones head off, crush there skull, whatever. I have family who can make napalm, and if you have the right supply’s, you can infact make a flame thrower. Im not refering to some can o’ axe spray, i mean EXTRA CRISPY. Alot of times, you must have a VERY expensive liscence to own automatic weapons, and if you have the right one, explosives are legal. But if zombies broke out, would anybody give a damn? No. They’d probably buy some. They arnet going to the cops: “That man has a gun!” cop:”and you dont? sucks for you,” By the way, a 9mm is NOT good for shooting people, Especialy zombies. I’d probably choose a 357 or a HK USP. hey, its a pretty gun. Would you like to know how they used to test ninja swords or however you call them? Katanas? They used to gather there dead enemys, swing, and see how many of them it cut through in one swing. They marked the number on the handle and wrapped around it. 6? 10? How many zombies do you care to swing through at once? By the way, since zombies are probably already deteriorating, possibly inside, it might be easier to swing through them? If you string piano wire tight enough across a doorway and a zombie or somthing runs into it, it will slash there throat and possibly decapitate them. Another thing, take apart your common household appliances ex: your toaster, fan, etc. You never know what goodies could be inside. Rubbing alcohol is quite flammable. Aside from its medical uses, if you pressurize a bottle of alcohol and heat it, BOOM! Did anyone think of molotov cocktails? Just asking, ive got enough bottles to light up the empire state building like a Christmas Tree. And who cares about nice clothes when your fighting zombies? Same as rags to a survivors eyes.

    @ The looter fact, if you take apart a car door and put phonebooks in, it effectively makes the car bullet proof on 45’s, 30’s, and most things other than 50 cals and armor-pierecing. Most of the people who live around me are rednecks, well armed, and are on my side. NOBODY would, nor could, loot me out.

    How set am i for a zombie survival?

  48. Lobo

    M1Garand is surely a powerful weapon but getting more ammos for it is the problem. most gun stores dont sell M1Garand ammunition anymore. Fire against zombies… i dont think thats a very good idea. zombies would probably die in fire like… 3-5 minutes. coz they wont just fall and started writhing in pain. they dont feel pain anymore. imagine this, burning zombies walking towards you, i think you just made it worse. they are also spreading fire. it might end up burning the whole city… or block. plus, making a very effective flame thrower is very complicated. out of the common materials that can be that is really effective as a flamethrower fuel is gasoline. gasoline is the most accessible. making the flame thrower device is really complicated too. one miscalculation will end up the flammable tank exploding in your back. ninja swords/samurai swords also called katana are very rare. you would only probably see them in museums. the ones sold commercially are made of brittle metals. they are only decorative swords. it will probably shatter after a few swings. better to arm yourself with a machete. you can buy it from sporting goods shops and very affordable. wielding it is also very easy. Machetes are 1 handed weapons, you could even dual wield. zombie apocalypse survival is not more on fighting but its more on hiding and evading. fighting should be your last resort.

  49. ZombieZapps

    Yes, i agree, burning zombies are bad, but, zombies are’nt the only thing thats out there. Many looters,robbers, and king-of-the-survivors would kill you for what you have, or just kill you to kill you, or kill you because they think that what you have is an infection. So when they come after your ass, you’d better have something set asside for them, too. About the machete, my dad has one longer than my fore-arm. But now i have a question. If i take a powerful enough electric fence, would it be possible to fry a zombies brain?

  50. Lobo

    electric fence… question is, where to get power supply? there might be none anymore. what if the people working at the power plant got infected. the plant needs 24/7 maintenance to keep it working. there will be no one to maintain the power plant. if u have a generator, it will consume a lot of fuel. it wont last long. im sorry if i sound like a downer, but im just analyzing things. but i think we’re getting off topic here. the topic here is about armors ;P. sorry to the threadmaster.

  51. zombzillaman

    O.k well yes the eyes go first, though let’s not forget that they are like sharks when it comes to smelling blood and can hear quite well still. Motor functions minimal depending on how old the zombie is. How ever you don’t. Want to end up in a place out # by the walkind dead. Armor will help you out but if its bulky it will only slow you down and if you have back up you might endanger them as well if your armor should get 44cought up on wires or what ever. So now the mask. Face shield of a bike helmet. Snow glasess because you Get better UV protection and protecting them is the most important next to your brain. Gloves not leather because it absorbs liquids and can cause skin irritation imagine blood soaked gloves and a bad irritation. Not good. Shoes well sneakers and rock climbing shoes. Why because there durable and can be easy on your feet . The bigger the shoe the slower you get. And most important a bag of feminized bud seeds. Gotta have smoke. Once you have secured an area and have enough people to well have fun. If you could get and choose your dog go with a lab or German Shepard. Just never kiss them. use as property protection. Keep the education going if children are in your group. Almost forgot a good 30/30 or 45 auto 9mm is best. Revolvers will slow you down. No granades unless you wish to clear an area. Gas filled bottles. Always throw at feet and with a little squirt of gass on zombie they will light up just right. Flint rocks a must. Well this is just a quick and smart way to stay alive and find others that need hellp. And yes fun is part of being alive and keep celibrating what ever you wish to. Make your own special holliday and name it. Start new traditions and respect each other. Have a system. Live by it die by it.

  52. zombzillaman

    Sorry I did cover the armor and then sum..

  53. Will the Dead

    you have some good ideas but really most of the ideas here are worthless. football armor will stop a zombie bite and an impact from a chraging footballplayer. but it protects you in all the wrong places. In other words “a zombie ain’t gonna walk up and rip of my titty when my arms are right there”
    sure armor can protect you but remember. If you wear any armor long term you wear it down. leather can stop a zombie bite but lether can easily be weakened.

    and pull body swat armor is expencive and diffacult to transport due to all parts needed; like I said when you wear armor begins to degrade.

  54. Biteme

    are you serious. on the 10 zombie weapons you already have in your home article you said 2 of the stupidest things i’ve heard. the 1st is when you said that a spatula could cleave a zombie’s head off… and your wrong as hell. the spatulas that most people own are flimsy made out of cheap barely FDA aproved mixed metal that as soon as it came in contact with a zombie’s neck it would snap and half of it would dig about half an inch into its neck. the 2cd being when you wrote for the kitchen knife desription “aim for the head, soft spots, and orifices” NO DUMBASS YOU DONT AIM FOR SOFT SPOTS OR ORIFICES YOU AIM FOR THE GOD DAMN HEAD THEY FELL NO PAIN SO STABBING IT IN A SOFT SPOT LIKE ITS SOMACH ISNT GOING TO DO SHIT.

  55. CB

    I have found the best armor.. optional mask.. now just a question of figuring out how to make it!

  56. reznov

    bomb suit best bet completely indestructable

  57. reznov

    add a riot shield and you are ready

  58. Charlie

    I would say carhart overalls, work gloves, and sturdy comfortable shoes could be most effective. Chances are you aren’t going to meet anything that can chew through padded canvas. for a weapon I would pick a very sharp and sturdy cavalry saber because they are meant to swing, not stab, and take off a limb/head with every blow. also long enough to guard low as well as mid height. Vehicle of choice would be a motorcycle that isn’t picky on what fuel it uses (can run on alcohol). Probably keep a sawnoff or a pistol in reach just in case, but the sword was designed to be used mounted, so the combo is solid. The name of the game would be keep moving and avoid engagements where there was not a high probability of victory in 60 seconds or less. If i ever felt compelled to join a group they would have to be as mobile as me or the tactic would not work.

  59. Austin

    I like the idea of the shark suit, only a couple problems. 1:Loud this is a very loud suit to walk and run in. 2: weight, this is very cumbersom to run jump and climb in, but other than that its very good protectin

  60. carl kelliher

    well the only problem with the M1 is when the Mag hits the ground it makes a ping sort of noise. that loud and high pitch noise will only attract more zombies and possibly irritate them farther.

  61. carl

    and your peoples idea about the “amazing” shark and chainmail is not the best idea. you will make some noise as you run around unless you wear something over it and under it.

  62. carl

    Reznov’s idea of a bomb suit would be a good one if you did have limited mobility and dehydrate super fast. the best thing to wear is your own clothes oh sure they arent bite proof but you wont need bite proof if you run fast enough and make it out of there alive. depending on the sort of zombie you are going against… you guys still need to factor that into the best zombie armor equation.

  63. jon bon van dame

    Wow so many people who dont think long term… ever watch those zombie movies where zombies based on instinct surround human camps until they find a way in? why be surrounded by that many zombies waiting to die? why not gear up, get some close combat weapons and kill 10-30 a day until humans outnumber zombies? (In the areas you search for supplies and food) Realistically at the last minute you can raid a motorcycle shop and local supermarket and get 1)Motorcycle helmet 2) motorcycle gloves and 3)motorcycle jacket. Get 4) elbow and knee pads 5) neck protector 6) Combat boots 7) leather or jean pants under military Kevlar pants and 8) tomahawks or machettes. All of these easily replaceable and abundant enough to equip multiple people. You can handle being hot and sweaty for a couple hours and wielding weapons you can kill 10-30 zombies in under 20 minutes, faster with teamwork.

    Build some sort of trap like a narrow path you lead zombies down where you can kill them 1 by 1 with close combat (I like the loud music and them trailing your car idea) for leading them into narrow spaced traps. If you kill off enough zombies you wont have to worry about them surrounding you, just the occasional zombie as you search for food and survivors. Also, never put yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by zombies. Always plan ahead, dont assume a zombie apocalypse will produce slow moving zombies, i think realistically there would be fast flesh eating humans like in “28 days” or “I am legend.” These creatures can live a very long time by eating each other or animals or other survivors.

    The real questions are: 1) How to build an effective zombie killing trap where you can consistently kill 10-30 zombies a day. and 2) How do dispose of all the bodyparts? I say make a trip to a crematorium every couple days to dispose of dead body parts.

  64. My friends I am going to be the nxt soldier for the U.S. Army a highly trained war machine and sharp shooter I’m going to have 15 years of service then I’m going to see if maybe I can go to Russia and learn how to train to be Spetnaz for kinda a personal enjoyment sO to say. I’m more then ready for zack I’m getting a m16 semi automatic 5.56 NATO rifle. Anyone want to join my group let me know now and we’ll tlk about it

  65. Shortimer52

    I don’t know if anyone has ever thought about this but you can buy ABS Stormtrooper armor relatively cheap. If you trim it down more than you typically would movement in it can be really good. Just saying since I have a set, it’s not such a bad idea.

  66. A lot of you have pretty nice ideas, and only some of you are thinking correctly. If you want to live, you will need water. (HINT HINT) If you ever want the globe to get cleaned up, you will not run like a pussy cat. You will find an area where there are small amounts of zombies. (Resort town, woods, oasis…) You will gather fellow survivors to recreate a semblance of a community that will clean up that area. If you want to survive, you will not use only guns and become dependent upon them.
    My recommendation, go into a mountainous area with a town of 30,000 or less Zs. Create a SECRET and relatively sturdy hideout and gather supplies. Find survivors, and team with those you like. Armor and weapons wont count if you wont have these basics. Then…..

  67. dzombieguy

    the football gear with the pads, the ankle and knee and elbow pads, wrapped up in those bandages, and a nice thick pair of dads old mining boots (sorry dad, but your slower than me anyway.) and a fencing mask. you never know.

  68. Danny

    What about a wetsuit covered in oil or grease for outside venturing, very protective to scratches bites grabbing etc and a few flash bang grenades , a few weapons like brass knuckles and cow proder the 3 foot stock kind should allow max Protection, just choose venturing out at best times and with minimal fighting, But having a dog with would serve as an early alert warning and a distraction plus focalpoint to a zombie , allowing you to prod him down and exit, however brass knuckles to the skull would drop him too, don’t kill it unless you must, objective is avoid and ability to move on, think of oneself as the animal that coexists with them as the population, that’s survival, bears lions tigers wolfs rarely attack , but they co exist, and continue to live, that’s the mentality well need in such an event, mother nature will destroy zombies if we don’t feed them, they are food of earth, flies maggots bacteria etc.

  69. caiyue

    seems like most of these guys have been playing too much nazi zombies, and the ones who knows there stuff that will actually help (fittness, running )must of read the zombie survival guild by max brooks.

    your goal is to survive, not to kill. like danny said nature will do the rest.

  70. minstrel

    You guys want a weapon you can trust your life with? Look at the
    L6 Bainite Katana at i own one. Its the only sword
    i trust my life, and the lives of my children to depend on.
    I have cut through a bear skull with very little effort. one swipe and
    it was half a bear skull. keep in mind ive been in martial arts for 29 years
    and have been trained to use such a blade.

  71. Danny

    Martial arts boxing whatever, you loose half your fights either sooner or later so that means ZERO, unless your a guy that has never stepped up by fighting skillful opponents ANYWAY professionals gutterball,miss dunks, strikeout, loose, come in second place etc ALL THE TIME , don’t tell me you are so flawless with that sword that it’s IMPOSSIBLE that you nick yourself with that friction lightsaber bear slaying sword. And if you do , live by die by. Youreally sound like you belong on 1000 ways to die. I see title ” sword gored by hoard” haha

  72. Remember SPQR

    Two words: scotch tape.

    Enough layers of it make decent armor for wrists, for example.

    Aluminium can is useful too. – illustration.

  73. Daniel S

    ok, ok, first off Shotguns are a horrid idea, they’re the loudest (ok, not quite, but they’re pretty loud) weapon around, and have a horrid kill range, you’ll be dead before you know it
    other weapons to avoid: flamethrowers, grenades, throwing knives/ninja stars, Chainsaw, fists, Electricity, clubs/crowbars, ect, if you want to know why Email me @, but Zombie in the subject
    Also Email if you want to compare notes on zombie plans, or join mine, my plan involves safeley and easily(kinda) creating a safe haven.

  74. this is the website I love best THE ZOMBIEPHILE

  75. Carl how stupid of a thing to say… u said that the mag from an m1 garand will attract zombies when it ejects.. might i remind u tard, that U R SHOOTING A 30-6 Rifle… i think that trumps the soung of a mag being ejected lol

  76. nanami

    Macettes…thats all i saying

  77. rpsgc


    Learn to read before calling other people stupid.

    “the 2cd being when you wrote for the kitchen knife desription “aim for the head, soft spots, and orifices” NO DUMBASS YOU DONT AIM FOR SOFT SPOTS OR ORIFICES YOU AIM FOR THE GOD DAMN HEAD THEY FELL NO PAIN SO STABBING IT IN A SOFT SPOT LIKE ITS SOMACH ISNT GOING TO DO SHIT.”

    The article says:
    “Remember to go for the head – orifices are soft spots.”

    Orifices ARE soft spots… ORIFICES ARE SOFT SPOTS… ARE, not AND.


  78. christinacnx

    Phonebooks and duct tape.

  79. Great website and equally great article!

    When it comes to surviving a Zombie apocalypse, there is a lot more involved than just avoiding a bite. You have to find food sources, fresh water, secure shelter, items to maintain your hygiene, and a host of other problems that will inevitably come up as you continue.

    I’ve started to help people address these issues and more. We primarily market firearm accessories, but I’m adding new survival products daily. currently, I have over 2000 products that need to be loaded. If only I weren’t so lazy!

    Also, I have filed for my Federal Firearms License, so hopefully I can start selling hand guns, shotguns, and rifles before the fall.

    I would not wear anything that will limit movement or impeed your vision or hearing. A motorcycle helmet, for instance, will undoubtedly muffle the sounds of a zombie approaching from the rear. My suggestion would be a military “deuce and a half”, those huge supply trucks the military has been using for decades.

    Before you realists begin lecturing me on the rarity of diesil fuel in a post-apocalyptic world, let me state that the “deuce and a half”, or “M35A2” as its actually named, will run on motor oil. That’s right. It’s a fact. With as many as 62 million registered vehicles on the roads of our country, each carrying a supply of approximately 5 quarts of motor oil. you will be a zombie before you run out of fuel.

    The M35A2’s bed is typically 8ft x 12ft, so you have plenty of room to store food, water and other supplies or people, and it’s bumber sits at approximately six feet off the ground in the rear. In a model with a tail gate, unless zombies can climb, an open-bed model would provide a relatively safe place to sleep as well.

    These trucks also come with “boxes” on the back, which are completely sealed, leaving you totally protected. With a little modification, you could easily move from the drivers seat to the rear without leaving the vehicle.

    The M35A2’s also weight about 10,000 pounds, so pushing abandoned cars aside is easy. The tires are super thick and will likely never puncture.

    You would be driving an unstoppable, mobile fortress.

    Anyway, come check out the gear I stock. Ka-Bar zombie knives, Gerber Apocalypse Deterence Kits, Zombie Stopper red dot sights, zombie ammo, etc… Stay safe, stay human!

  80. Idont Know

    Another part that no one realizes is that the mouth decays just as fast as the eyes and will decay to the point that the teeth fall out after a few days anyway, so they wouldn’t be able to bite you, and since the body isn’t being treated like a corpse would be in a morgue, so the body would fall apart after a week and a half. It might still take a few months in a heavily populated area from newly infected people, but if you have the supplies and the wits. But of course if the cause of infection was first started by airborne viruses, were pretty much screwed, same is said for natural water, but have a little faith in humanity. Plus the chances of this actually happening are almost non-existent.

  81. something that is troubling me… everyone going on about kevlar this and that.

    let me tell you if you can get hold of some, if any of these things, yes you have a good chance of surviving… but… the majority of us. dont have access to pretty much all in the list. so to help the majority..

    i can imagine if you live some miles from a gun shop or other similar supplier.. best bet is to forget going there cos, the people closest will have most likely already raided them clean, guns will be firing everywhere around that area, attracting zombies left right n centre, best bet is, group up with your neighbours who are still alive, go into the country side find somewhere quiet and desolate but is easily defendable with barricades

  82. Hey guys, I work for a company called We are offering a new line of purpose built Zombie Resistant Armor! Made from 20 gauge mild rolled steel, silent, grab-resistant and light-weight. We offer a Zombie-Hunter suit and a Post-Apocalyptic Survivalist suit for both men and women. Suits are built custom for each individual customer and offers a full range of motion. The Z.R.A’s will be making their debut at Seattle’s Red White and Dead event on July 6th 2013, look for the Sinister banner at the event. Taking orders now!
    The Apocalypse Is Coming!!!
    Sinister Metalworks, Accept No Substitutes!!!

  83. Larae

    Zombie Weapon Guide – Zombie Armor on a Budget!!! | The Zombiephiles – Because You Love Zombies.

  84. 读取更多

    Zombie Weapon Guide – Zombie Armor on a Budget!!! | The Zombiephiles – Because You Love Zombies.

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