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How to Survive The Day of the Triffids

Hide from ‘Comets’

Comets, or rather, previously unobserved celestial phenomena, ascribed as comets for want of a better word, have the capacity to blind. Accounts of strange green lights in the night sky, send seasoned Armageddon-dodgers to cellars, bunkers, or darkened rooms.

Reject Philanthropy

Rose-tinted glasses should be discarded forthwith. A Pan-continental loss of vision, will render the tiny minority of sighted near-useless in their attempts to preserve the lives of all but a handful of the blinded billions. Concentrate on succouring close friends and family, as well as the attractive. Remember the two-eyed man/woman is king/queen.

Never Underestimate the Enemy

Even a ‘docked’ triffid can be lethal, since they are communicative beings, that will invariably hale their toxic brethren. Additionally, the slashing sting of these hunters is by no means indiscriminate. The green meat-eaters have an uncanny knack for aiming their stings at the face. Triffids are bred to blind.


Equip yourself with three things:

Supplies – Triffids are expert in the art of siege warfare; prepare yourself for a long stand off.

Triffid Guns – ‘Spring-operated guns of various types. Most of them shoot spinning discs, crosses, or small boomerangs of thin steel. As a rule they are inaccurate above about twelve yards, though capable of slicing a triffid stem neatly at twenty-five if they hit it’.
–Narration of Bill Masen, chapter two, The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.

Flame Throwers – ‘Very effective (against triffids). The one thing we’ve used them for’.
–Stephen Brennell, chapter twelve, The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.

Avoid London

If you thought pre-apocalyptic London was an unfriendly place, envisage millions of recently-blinded, and hungry Cockneys squabbling over a few jars of jellied-eels. Even if you’re not forced to become the ‘eyes’ of an Eastend Gang, things will soon turn squalid, and decidedly ‘bang out of order’.

Forget the Yanks

Stephen Brennell’s unnamed girlfriend, and a host of other incidental characters are convinced that the Statesiders are striding to the rescue. In fact due to their often substantial bulk, and resulting slowness, not to mention cacophonous dialect, US citizens are rendered highly susceptible to the wiles of sound-sensitive, carnivorous hybrids. Remember the Triffid is a Soviet invention. As Wilfred Coker implores ‘Try to imagine a world where there are no Americans.”

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  1. Josella

    I’m sure my old chum Zombiephile won’t mind me plugging the dedicated John Wyndham site edited by my brother Ticker Chrysalids-Harris (who may be using some ridiculous pseudonym).

  2. LondonBoy

    Avoid Hollywood disinformation…….and also ignore the recent BBC version with Eddie Izzard and Jason Priestly, it’s harrowingly bad.

  3. Josella

    Yes it certainly was a missed opportunity London Boy. I thought these triffids gained brawn but lost all their ‘brains’ and the countless small plot changes never added anything to the original.

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