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Zombies VS Vampires

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Now, that's a tough call.

There’s just something spectacular about imagining a face-off between Vampires and Zombies. It just raises so many questions about the nature of each, like, “Can vampires drink zombie blood?” and “Would zombies want to eat something that’s already dead?” and “Honestly, why don’t I get my head examined?”

Here at the Zombiephiles, we feel that questions like these deserve to see the light of day, and so we’re putting the question to you, Zombiephiles:

Zombies Vs. Vampires

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  1. Josella

    Two nuns are driving along when suddenly a vampire jumps out in front of their car. ‘Quick. Sister Mary’ says the Mother Superior ‘show him your cross’.
    So Sister Mary winds down the window and shouts ‘fuck off we’re in a rush!’

    Sorry about that, it works best in British English.

    Anyway Zombiephile, Chester and I are having a romantic weekend away in St. Vincent and the Grendines. We’re having such good fun, I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon hear the patter of tiny zombie-slayering feet.

    Congratulations on the new-look site.



  3. Daigon_Star

    Vamps wud own zombies man just because they have a higher intelligence and experience zombies stand no chance

  4. trandomphatguy

    zombies would win because asa anyone who read world war z knows, zombie blood fucking kills. and i dont just mean ow-i-have-a-splitting-fucking-headache-get-the-aspirin kills, i mean it fucking stops your heart.
    three minutes later, undead are triple dead and trying to eat the flesh of the undead (vampires. zombie vampires are triple dead.) but ten again, what about vampire zombies?
    never happen, that means there would be a hundred ways to kill it.
    so zombies win.

  5. ghost909

    Just a heads up.. there is a game just released on the iphone called Zombies Vs. Vampires…

    really fun! although i cant seem to stop using the vampires! they rock!

  6. Love this conversation. Love the idea!
    Who would win? My buddies and I took that idea and ran with it creating “Suck And Moan” (a web series, and, despite the title, SFW)
    It launches at on 10/20/2010 with new eps. released weekly.
    Hope you enjoy!!

  7. There is actually a film called Vampires versus Zombies. The zombies won. Even though they only appeared in the last scene of the movie and after a lot of lesbian innuendo. Worst. Film. Ever.

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