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Weekly Zombie Poll #2 – Zombies VS Skynet

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Hasta la vista, zombies.

That’s right, this week’s Zombie Showdown tackles the one undying question that has been burning in every Zombiephile’s heart for almost two decades: who would win in a fight, Zombies or Skynet?

Skynet, that time-bending artificial intelligence from the Terminator movies (and television show), going head to head with a full-fledged global zombie outbreak. It’s a tough call – let’s see why.

As this Zombiephile has mentioned time and time again, Zombies are hard to kill. Worse yet, every human who falls to zombies becomes a zombie himself, causing exponential growth in their numbers. They don’t eat (except brains and body parts), don’t sleep, and have worse personal hygiene than a liberal arts college student.

On the other hand, facing against an army of Terminators with Belgian accents and rippling biceps, most of those qualities aren’t necessarily strengths. Without an ample supply of humans to zombify, zombies may lose their numerical advantage; Terminators don’t eat or sleep either, apparently have less of a sense of humor than Dick Cheney, and are equally prone to shooting people in the face.

I have detailed zombiephiles.

I have detailed zombiephiles.

But before you vote for the Terminators, remember that Skynet is programmed to deal with humans – not zombies. The lack of reason and rationality that embodies zombie behavior may short circuit Skynet logic chips, and the sheer volume of zombies (potentially 6 billion, give or take) could overwhelm Skynet’s robot armies. On the other hand, there’s always the distinct possibility that Skynet could win by sending Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to kill the original zombie, thus preventing the zombie outbreak altogether, which, I suppose, would actually be kind of a nice thing for them to do in comparison to their normal destroy-all-humans attitude.

Zombies VS. Skynet – you decide.

Zombies VS Skynet

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  1. Ahnold Zombieshlayer

    I love zombies probably more than i love terminators but there is really no competition here. Walking Terminators (the T-600, T-800, etc.) are machines and so it is possible (depending on what zombie rules we are going by) that the zombies might not even attack them. Also, it is unlikely that some of the larger terminator “vehicles” seen in the future scenes from several of the movies would be attacked either. This being the case, a small number of T’s could easily sweep large geographic regions and terminate all Z’s therein using little more than their unrelenting adherence to their mission and their ability to deliver pinpoint accuracy headshots. And don’t even get me started if you include those liquid metal T-1000’s involved. A couple of those could clear a continent if given enough time, seriously, how would a zombie even fight a robot made of liquid that you can’t bite and that can turn his appendages into swords.

    Either way, great question. I’d love to see a plausible explanation for how the zombies could win that didn’t amount to “but one terminator could just be overwhelmed by 1,000 zombies.”

  2. Im going to have to say zombies on this one. Now im not just saying zombies cause this is a zombie website but i really think that a legion of zombies would win over a few terminators. Considering that there only are a few of them that is. if the numbers are equal (Which i doubt they would be) then the Ts would win. But if its just a few thousand then 6-7 billion zombies would win without a doubt. Just because something isnt human doesnt mean a virus can distinguish between the to, so im betting that the zombies would attack them. And if the zombies attack cars then why not the T’s vehicles from the future?

  3. Excellent points from both Kaigon and Ahnold Zombieshlayer. Personally, I think that the standoff would ultimately center around the Terminators’ programming. If they were programmed to kill zombies, I think they would be highly successful in that, but if they were operating on their original programming, things could be dubious.

    Kaigon makes a good point – it is more than likely that the numbers would not be equal. As I’ve always said, if you see one zombie, there’s probably another hundred thousand lurking around someplace. They’re like cockroaches except harder to kill and less intelligent.

  4. microphonehead

    How would zombies ever kill even 1 terminator? Is a zombie ever strong enough to rip of a terminator’s metal arm? I’m no expert but I can’t see anything apart from a terminator victory easy.

    But as the other posters say – would they even attack each other? I think the zombies would smell the real flesh, so attack the terminators. The best they could hope for is to hold down the terminator and nibble the flesh off, who would then destroy them in self defense.

  5. Stewart Steak

    Belgian accents?

  6. Your mum has a Belgian accent, Stewart. And she’s a zombie.

  7. Jonno

    Nether side would win, they’d just leave each other alone.
    So the real loser’s here would be us, humans, as the zombies will eat our brains and the skynet robots will splatter our brains all over the place

  8. Z Hunter Elitist

    Well I’m sure that skynet is advanced enough to learn new tactics and to adapt to a new situation. So therefore it would almost immediately discover the zombie’s weak points and patterns. And zombies would not even go after the machines. Zombies crave human flesh. They have no reason to go after pieces of metal. It’s also pretty damn hard to destroy one Terminator. Zombies with just their strength and bites would not be able to take them down. I believe that the zombies have no chance of winning. 0.000000000001%

  9. Zombie Botnets Inc.

    Belgian accents:

    what if you went back in time to prior to the Necro. translations before twas spake ‘the dead will rise and smell the incense’?

  10. Undead Terminator

    I’m betting on the Terminators as well… But what if the “flesh” on the terminators could turn? Sure there is no brain to zombify but would it cause problems for the terminator if its exterior body zombified and no longer responded?

  11. Matt Wheatley

    Skynet, they have superior numbers, fire power and teeth has little effect against metal!

  12. Brandon

    Terminators, they can just be reprogramed and then (do their job) terminate all the zombies. Use common since guys! They can just be reprogramed!!

  13. kas laimetu kara ar masinos ar zombai as manau kad laimetu masinos nes jos ira galingesnes o zombai silpnesni uz terminmatorus ar netai taip

  14. Alvin

    First of all, zombies only go for fresh meat, and when skynet sents her army of terminators, they are all skinless just the exoskeleton. Skynet only send terminators with human flesh during time travel and assasination purposes. The zombies will not even want to attack the terminators as they are just as dead as them.

    The terminators on the other hand will distroy whatever is in their way or a treat to them. Besides the terminators will find it easier to kill the zombies than the humans as humans are smart to take cover. Zombies will just walk around and get themself killed by the terminators.

    If the humans are smart enough they would stay behind the terminators under cover while luring the zombies towards the terminators. The terminators would perceive the rushing zombies as a greater treat.

  15. terminator2012

    robots wins because robots can never turn into zombie no mather how hard they try and they can shoot someones head a miles away

  16. instead of asking who would win ask.. where the fuck did all other life go? all insects, animals, sea life all vanished in both zombie and terminater movies

    now i’ll give the answer who wins! if god existed then “it” wouldn’t let zombies or terminaters exist in the first place their for god wouldn’t exist for this to be stoped so here is the answer

    the universe is controled by aliens and humans are test subjects, the aliens ran out of resources to keep humans existing so they had to destroy us by giving us knowlege to make terminaters OR the aliens had a virus (in medi evil times viruses were mistaken for magic) and the virus was locked away somewhere in earth waiting for a button to be pressed to unlock and go into the air to activate a thing in our DNA to turn into a zombie

    humans, terminaters, zombies wouldn’t win aliens wins it’s like portal game apeture science killed all the humans testing on them so it created robots to test on and this is it aliens made humans from chimps, they killed us with terminaters or zombies so they can test on the robots or zombies for something new

  17. and remember robot hell IS zombie infestation and.. humans are organic robots our brains are nuetron computers we don’t have to be made from metal to be a robot

  18. aliens>zombies>robots>humans

    and also another possibility if you are religious but i’m not.. so.. here

    you think god exists it makes us zombies to stop us making terminaters which when all humans are dead spynet would have to make spaceships to destroy everything in space

    THE BORG= alien, zombie, robot hybrids

  19. also.. what ever smart humans are still alive can program the terminaters to go into skynet to explain about the zombies then skynet would reprogram it self to add zombies to extermination list

    or just program a terminater to be your personal body guard untill the robot is crushed by billions of zombies

  20. or :D flee to haiti befor any of this happens the black people there might know a way to counter act the zombies, they already know how to make a controled zombie YES THIS IS FOR REAL go youtube haiti zombie anyways they are the ones who would survive.. they do a mass ritial to make a zombie army their self to fight the rabbid uncontroled zombies

  21. we are 95% chimp…3% emotions, intelect ect.. and guess what 2% unknown….atm our age we are finding more and more proof of no god guess what the other 2% is.. it isn’t celestial do then have a think about it …. haiti medican men can turn a human which is on the brink of life and death using a powder then do a ritial to turn the person into a zombie killing them.. haiti laws 239 states turning a person into a zombie is premeditated murder well the other 2% is zombie in our dna

  22. our 2% zombie dna it could turn into 100%..if some mysterious virus from space found that part of our dna then made it infect us more

  23. Skynet easily. By miles. Regardless of the whole “would the Zs attack them?” this is an arena matchup, so assume they would, for the sake of the debate. Skynet would have analysed the zombies weak points within hours of first encountering them, and be running specialized new T-Z models off it’s conveyor belts by the end of the first day. The Ts would also have pinpoint accuracy for taking out heads with their pulse rifles and laser weaponry. And yeah, zombies biting Ts is pointless. In the longer run Skynet would easily be able to accurately predict horde movements and how to manipulate them.

  24. Rudy P

    Skynet hands down. In fact, one T-800 battle chassis could take out ten’s of thousands before being overwhelmed. If you remember from the terminator movies, they were incredibly robust and strong. Even without a weapon, a t-800 could cut through hordes of zombies like butter with their alloy frame and immense strength. Not to mention, the t-800s had incredible intelligence and were able to adapt surrounding items into weapons.

  25. Acemancello

    So I was thinking since zombies tend not to die they would win, but I realized that terminators tend to nuke things when they don’t get their way so I’d say the real losers would be us. I mean nobody wants to be caught between a radioactive zombie and a masochist robot O.o

  26. T888

    How’s this even a match? Terminators are almost impossible to kill, insanely strong and made of extremely durable metal. Gross mismatch ! A single Terminator would be impossible for a zombie horde to bring down with out plasma weapons or explosives.

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